Monday, November 2, 2009

Sent home today

Yup I came into work this morning and was coughing my lungs out pretty bad so after like 20 mins or so I was sent home. I felt bummed doing that to poor Joanne but I wasnt having much luck with not coughing either so I went home. Hasnt been an enjoyble day by any means but I have watched the latest Greys and Vampire Diaries. Both are pretty fantastic shows. The music on both shows is great. I love music so its always nice to have fantastic music to listen to. Plus both shows have hot guys and hot chicks so where can you go wrong?
Anyways because I have done nothing all day this is going to be a short update.

Yup Im making it a double yummy today. Left Paul Wesley and Right Ian Somerhaler both play brothers Damon and Stefan Salvadore on the Vampire Diaries and both are exceptionally delicious. So enjoy x

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