Sunday, November 1, 2009

Horrible Weekend

The weekend has been such a beautiful and sunny one that everyone has been outside these last 2 days enjoying the beginning of summer. All apart from me. I have been particularly ill with my terrible cough, a cough that hasn’t abated and kept up so regularly since Friday night that I went and spent an outrageous $85 visiting a medical centre sat to get some help and relief from the cough. It has been keeping me awake, giving me a headache, earache from the noise of it, my stomach muscles are aching from the cough and my throat has been red raw so much so that my bronchitis related cough has had me coughing up speckles of blood and almost throwing up. Not fun at all. So the $85 dollars at the medical centre was an absolute rip of, then it cost me $35 at the chemist because the cough medicine the doctor prescribed me stopped being sold 10years ago. And the jerks at the chemist wouldn’t give me a discount on the $26 Robitussin that was only to help me get rid of the phlegm on my chest and not even ease my coughing. So I am soooo angry that I have forked out $120 to get better. These things better work miracles. So far so good. Saturday for the day Gareth was out trying to find himself a suit for his up and coming awards night where its formal dress. So I stayed home coughing and coughing and ended up getting a sleep for a few hours. Much needed sleep as I have been up at night trying to stop or soothe the bad coughing. Keir came round in the afternoon and dropped off the much anticipated latest Wheel of Time Book – The Gathering Storm – for Gareth & he grabbed a couple others to read. Then later on Gareth came home for a bit before he got ready to head out to the Halloween party I was supposed to be going to as well. He dressed up as a gangster as had no money left to spend on new outfit after the $300 suit. I stayed home and watched the rest of my Private Practice season one and started on season one of Grey’s Anatomy. The show is still good right at the beginning and I’m glad I have purchased the series. And then went to bed round 10.30. Gareth got home at 3am having had a fun night at the party that ended up at a local bar close to where Connie and Tim live. Apparently there was a really wicked live band there that played cover music and all types from Nirvana to Black Eyed Peas. They were pretty good from what I heard.

Sunday has been much the same but luckily I haven’t coughed nearly as much. Been on the Antibiotics, pain killers and Ibuprofen yesterday and today and its been helping. Gareth & I did food shop and came home to have a sit in the sun for an hour or so while we read our books. It was so nice to be in the sun and not coughing. We both then had an afternoon snooze from 1 till 5pm. Man we musta needed it. Woke up had dinner and now decided to update my blog. Couldn’t of concentrated yesterday through all the coughing to update anything so today is when I am giving you the boring update of my weekend. I hope I’m not up half the night tonight trying to stop the cough. Mmmm I wonder how many times I have written the words cough or coughing in this blog hee hee. It did kinda take over my life so maybe its only suitable that I should fill this update with the word often. Ouch cough. So far 18 times. Hee hee I counted yes. So because of all the coughing and the cash spent and the fact I had to stay home I have had a horrible weekend :O(
Anyways time to give you all a little freedom from my boring words and put in the pic of today’s hottie.

Taye Diggs. He plays Sam from Private Practice and in watching it recently I realised how hot the guy was so decided I would share him with you. He has almost been in a favourite movie of mine Equilibrium alongside Christian Bale. It’s a great movie you should watch it. Kinda along the lines of Aeon Flux and Ultraviolet but kinda different as well. Anyways he’s Hot. So Enjoy :O)

Oh yeah I did take a photo but I’m too lazy to upload it. Its not that amazing anyways so will try the photo thing tomorrow.

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