Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Home again today. Gareth flew down to Tauranga this morning for 3 days of work down there. Place is pretty strange without him but it will be nice to have a few days on my own. Plus I wont disturb him at night with my coughing. Spent the last 3 nights in seperate beds as my coughing shakes the bed like crazy. Plus nicer to not have it right in your ear. Its calmed down significantly Im only coughing at night and till about 10 in the morning then from about 3 onwards. The day isnt too bad anymore which is a relief.
I would of loved to of had another few sleeps today as last night was as per normal intrrupted sleep every 2 hours but our neighbour upstairs has been working on fixing his leaking bathroom so there has been banging and saw noises going on all day. I have been reading, cleaning a little bit, trying to lay down to rest and watching a movie called Neverwas. I have seen a few random comments on line from people who thought the movie was crap but thats becuase they have no imagination.
The movie stars the wonderful Ian McKellen, Aaron Eckhart, Brittany Murphy & Nick Nolte. It was shown first at the Toronto International Film Festival. But apparently went straight to DVD which isnt really a biggy. Anyways the plot is - taken from the Princess Portal
Neverwas is the story of Zach Riley, the son of a famous childrens author, who takes a job in a psychiatric institution where his father once stayed. There he meets the group of patients he is to work with including Gabriel an elderly man who has never uttered a word to any therapist. Gabriel, however, seems to recognize him and believe that he is a part of the fantasy world that forms his delsusions. After some time, Zach realises that Gabriel’s world is the same as the one his Father wrote about, the magical land of Neverwas, and it may not be so imaginary after all.
I truly enjoyed the movie. I wont go out and say its my favourite movie. But it reminded me of as mentioned above Finding Neverland and also Bridge To Terabithia. Where imagination should never be forgotten. Its like my favourite quote: We do not stop playing becuase we grow old. We grow old becuase we stop playing. Anyways I enjoyed the movie. Here is a coupla pics the internet actually had:

Ok so I love movies with magic. And this movie had a sad but happy ending. I think the acting in it was supurb, Ian McKellen was perfect as the character Gabriel. A review from the lady who writes The Princess Portal I added more from her as I competely agree with it.
"This film is about Fairy Tales, and the way we create them out of our own stories, how they can protect us and give us something to hold on to. What is real in the world, is sometimes not as important as what is real in our hearts. I thoroughly reccommend this rare gem of a movie, but warn you that it contains quite strong themes and is probably not suitable for younger viewers, its very intense and made me cry with both joy and empathy. It’s not often that a film moves me to that extent. A really beautiful, touching story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did."
Watch it and think what you like of it but I enjoyed it and thats really all that matters.
And now you can enjoy todays hottie:
Tyson Ritter - Lead singer of The All American Rejects - plus model. Here are some of his modelling photos for Hugo Boss


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