Thursday, October 1, 2009

what shall we write today

So i finally took those few lines that I wrote in my cell the idea that came into my head for a book and I started writing. 6 pages flowed out of me last night and I would of written more but Gareth was like lights out time. SOOOO my post is going to be a short one today. I wont be telling anyone (apart from Julia) what it is about incase its an absolute disaster. But will put stuff up MAYBE once I have completed a substantial amount and have had the "thats great" from Jules.
Meh I havent even taken a photo yet wait........there did it not very creative at all but cute.
This is a lil plastercine surfing Kangaroo with a lil pink baby in its pouch that my co-worker Joanne got me in Australia in 2005. It has been on my desk at work since she brought it back sooo cute. These other 2 photos are not ones I took but as you can see I am in them. I dropped some stuff off on this trolley to the boys Mark and Mike. Mike wanted to come into my office to put some harddrives into his mcdonalds stock and I said want a lift? So he jumped on the trolley, Mark couldnt help but photograph it. I didnt take him the whole way but here are the 2 shots Mark took on his cell phone.
Hee hee my work is a fun place to be. Gone is the stress from yesterday. Thats Merv on the right there. He helps out in the Warehouse once a week.

Last night I also proceeded to photograph everything I own. I got to taking photos of all my jewellery and then went over to the DVD's but the camera battery died. Anyways Im off now going to write more on my story while its in the head bouncing around.


Zachary Qunito most of you know him as Sylar from Heroes or as Spock from the lastest Star Treck movies. Major bit of yum if you ask me :O)

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