Friday, October 2, 2009

today today today

So this fun billboard is the view from my office window. I've zoomed in so you can see it better but would you believe its advertising hearing checks. It says 'Hearing is the new Seeing' - haa haa what young hot guy like this would go in and get their hearing checked? Especially at the age he is. I dont know how young hot topless man wearing glasses links up to a hearing check but it definately got everyones attention. Maybe thats all the point of it was?

OMG! I just had a phone call from my mother. She's currently living with her brother and his partner and son. Anyways Ians lady Z (cant spell her name but this is what we call her) was out mowing the lawns, she decided in her not so infinate wisdom to lift the lawn mower while it was going and try and get some grass out from underneath it?!?!?! Goddess only knows why, but the blade hit one of her fingers and she quickly realised it was a stupid idea. Thank Goddess she didnt loose that finger or her hand, she never even got a cut on her hand its just bruised - possibly broken but nothing more than that. Someone was looking out for her while she stupidly decided that her actions were ok. I am soooo happy she is ok, I had a heart attack when mum told me she put her hand under the going lawn mower. I was stressed thinking finger gone? Hand gone? Big gash lots of blood - but none of the above. She is soooo lucky. I told mum to tell her she was silly but thank goodness she is ok. Wow luck was totally on her side today.
So tonight I'm off out with my cousin Shelley to a bar in Albany for a thing called Vibe. It is a bunch of people who have got some DJ's together to raise money for a girl named Lisa Cochrane who broke her back while on her overseas expiernce. The money they raise from tonight is going to her to help pay hospital bills and rehibilation fees. It shall be a good night there are a few djs going to be there and apparently alot of people. But how sweet of her freinds to be able to organsie this night to help Lisa out. Tomorrow I have a work mate Libby round and we will be just having a lazy girly relax night. Watching movies and doing whatever. Shall be good.

Anyways I best get back to working. Oh Joanne has read the first 12 pages of my story and has given me good feedback "so when are you finishing it I wanna read more, wanna know what happens!" Im getting there. I wrote another page at lunch but I was interrupted by my mum calling about poor Z. I hope it all comes together ok as I am totally just putting pen to paper and really writing as I go. I only have a couple tiny ideas and I am just writing around those, hoping that it all makes sense, is plausable, fits together, is enjoyable and I dont get stuck writing it.

K now I will get back to work after I upload my hot guy pic for the day. This one was requested by Julia so I'm uploading it. No idea who it is but he looks mighty like good ol Mark Walhberg in his early days. Either way have a perv, oh and there's also a photo of a girl I find stunning for any men who might be reading this and are into girls rather than guys:
Possibly Mark Wahlberg but I dont know who?

Sara Ramirez, I think this woman is so stunning and elegant and unbelievably beautiful. The added bonus for all us home bodies is she is not your holywood skinny stick. Not that that is why I think she is stunning, I just is think she beautiful. She plays Callie Torres on my beloved Greys Anatomy. I'd do her oh and she's lesbo on the show so fun hee hee !

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