Saturday, October 3, 2009

Vampire Weather in Auckland Today

As you can see the weather is pooh in Auckland today. Here is the sky tower barley visiable through the low grey cloud. So yes its Vampire Weather in Auckland today.

Well thats if your a Cullen from the Twilight series anyways. Those vampires from True Blood cannot go out in the sun at all and then you have the Salvador brothers who wear rings and make everything ok. Guess the writer of those books wanted no problems with that big thing in the sky called the Sun getting in the way of a good story. Yes Vampires are soooo in right now. There are many books, tv shows and movies doing the vampire thing. And why not I have always loved vampires give me Interview with the Vampire, Bram Stoakers Dracula and Vampire in New York any day. Of course there are the Laurel K Hamilton series which I started reading before any of this hype. I only managed 2 books but there are about 18. I always got nicknamed vampire in school as my two front eye teeth are rather vampire like in the way they look in my mouth (something that isnt so bad now) and becuase of my pale face haa haa. Of course the whole Zombie thing is pretty cool. So who would win in a fight between a vampire and a zombie? Has this been done before? Or better yet between a Vampire, Zombie and a Warewolf??? Hmmmm interesting, is there room for a fun random movie like the upcoming Zombieland which Im looking forward to laughing my arse off at possibly? Yet to see dead snow and lesbian vampire killers but I have both so will get there. But of course the whole vampire human love thing is pretty big with teenagers. I will admit I am an advid fan of Twilight and alas now the Vampire Diaries (2 really hot male leads who wouldnt be?). But I will admit I enjoy True Blood more than the others. Like them or wish they would all shut up you have to admit there is some much better tv on of late rather than ruddy annoying shows like 24 and all those bloddy reality things. Or those shows where there are like 24 people and you have to widdle it down to one person for something or another.

Last night I went out with my cousin Shellz to the Massey Uni bar in Albany and there was a charity event called Vibe, was supposed to be like a dance party but us old fogies were there too early. We got a bit of a dance in but decided it wasnt the right atmosphere for us. So we left and went to Resevior Bar at the Albany mall. Much better atmosphere there and better music as well. Had a great dance and chat and came home round 2am. It was a fun night.

Shellz & me having a giggle

Well I am having a night in with my work mate Libby. Gunna check out wedding photos and then watch some movies. She's due here any minute so I gunna sign off now. Till tomorrow here is the hot guy for the day
James Franco better known as Peter Parkers (Spiderman) best friend in the spiderman movies. Nice

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