Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fire in our Apartment Car Park Today

So today Gareth & I were sitting down watching X-Files when our smoke alarm went off. We were like what the? As it just randomly went off. So he gets up goes to turn it off by hitting the button and ended up doing like a test on the thing. So it wasn’t going off we figured out, discovered that it was the apartments fire alarm going off. So we were like shit, G went and looked out the front door to see a whole bunch of smoke billowing from out the front of our apartments “Ah we have to go it’s a real fire” so threw on shoes and a jacket (I know firemen would hate to hear that) and went out the front of the apartments. Discovered thick smoke was coming out of the apartments garage. Gareth rang 111 and people started filing out of the apartments. 2mins later the fire truck arrived and we had firemen putting on face masks and reeling out a hose, squirting to test it and heading into the thick thick smoke. I ended up catching a glimpse of the fire and because of its location I thought it was a rubbish bin but later on when a bit of the smoke cleared we discovered that it was someone’s car that had caught on fire. The smoke was still billowing out of the garage area and everyone was standing around in pyjamas and taking photos. They smashed the cars windows and we ended up with 3 extractor fans at the entrance of the garage to clear the smoke after the fire was out. I spotted the firemen rinsing off the other cars in the car park to get rid of all the soot and we were eventually let back inside. So it was the car’s engine that had caught on fire. These guys have been working on this car off and on for quite sometime so obviously something they didn’t do something right in the whole fixing thing. But talk about a Sunday.

So yeah have been watching my X-Files it’s a pretty cool show even back from the beginning. Plus I got shite loads of Trojans on my pc which is a biatch. I have done crap loads of scans and keep finding them. Hopefully it will all be sorted soon and it hasn’t done anything to my pc. Cross ya fingers for me.
Had my work mate Libby over last night and we watched Tropic Thunder and she totally loved the movie. Its such a greeaaatttt movie. “You never go full retard!”

Anyways that’s it for now ciao. Here are photos from the fire:

Firemen just arriving & heading down into the smoky pit - if you click to enlarge you can see flames next to the centre poll there down the hill.

Soooo much smoke & this is one of the 2 firetrucks that turned up

You can see the car, just a bit melted and smashed up now

1st extractor out trying to get rid of the smoke. We ended up with 3 in the end

Alexander Skarsgard or Eric Nothman in True Blood HOT VAMPIRE

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