Monday, October 5, 2009

I clean my own office

Our cleaners like to treat work as their 5 finger discount shop and well there is shite loads of expensive equipment in our room so they have a 100% ban from our room. Becuase of that it means I have to do the dirty work. But hey at least its done properly being an ex professional cleaner I can do my job. We used to clean for the rich and fancy and they used to tell all their rich and fancy friends that PJ's Cleaning Service were the best so we did losta posh, rich, fancy homes when they had stuff like spring cleaning, rennovations and so on. We also did inital cleans on buildings when they had first been errected or also when any rennovations were done. Sure got you fit and we saw plenty of places. Not bad work, gave me a few good bucks weekly so thats always a plus. Also I worked with my other Mummy and Daddy Jenny and Paul - was only happy to work with two of my closest friends.

10 more days till I'm 28. I was thinking to myself last night I can't believe Im that age already. When I was out on friday night with Shelley we were dancing and already it was hard work on yee ol knees and feet but it was fun. We had a blast both of us were like "i havent danced like that in years" lol funny stuff man. But we are going to try do it again next month at an acutal dance party so should be fun. Well hopefully we go lol :P

And becuase I have to rush off to cover reception for the next hour and I plan to write in my book I say my farewell and leave you with todays hottie:

Chris Pine or the latest Kirk T James in 2009's Star Trek bit of alright if you ask me :O)

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