Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Less and Less to talk about

So as it turns out sometimes half way through the week its really hard to find stuff to write about and photograph. my photos were initally meant to be fun creative ones but as it turns out the weather has been sooo shite lately its felt like the middle of winter. So I have not had any urge whatsoever to go out into the crap freezing weather and take pretty phtos for you (sorry lol). So you have to put up with the in office snaps. Not so bad just not very creative. The above photo is of my co worker Joanne and I. Joanne has been working with me for almost the 5 years I have been here. I interviewed her and told the HR lady at the time Rochelle that yes I'd like to hire her. So we have been in the Logistics team together ever since. We get along like a house on fire and always help each other out. Its good to work in an environment where you get along with someone makes work so much easier.

Ok so it turns out I can still rumble even when nothing apparently crossed my brain to talk about.

Ooo good news is my Uncle Ian asked his partner Zorica to marry him and he said yes so they are now engaged! Fantastic news for them :O) They are just going to get married at home and have a friend who it looks like will be able to marry them. Another freind has offered to do the photography, my mum will make Z's wedding dress and sounds like they will get a few things free or very cheap. Which is great becuase they arent the richest people in the world. Im very happy for them both.

Wow just turned around to look out the window and its sunny. Sure there is alot of clouds but the sun it out and shining for all its worth! Bring on Summer baby! So I had cranberry juice for the first time today. I dont like it not one bit. O well at least I have tried it. This sat night I am catching up with my Nikki and Jo and really looking forward to seeing them for a proper catch up as we havent done one in sooooo long. Will be able to hear the stories from their travels and share mine from overseas. Plus just have a lovely girlie night. Sunday morning having a breakfast at the viaduct as it is Gareths family friend Kerry's birthday and we are doing something nice. Sunday arvo we are going around to Brian and Rochelles to watch Bathurst. Shall be fun, plenty of food, great roaring engine door bell, lotsa people and bathurst on a projector screen. Only hope the weather is good. 2 Years ago it was beautiful sunny, last year it was a bit rainey and this year its freezing and we hope it wont rain.

Anyways will take photos, here is todays hot man:

Johnny Depp - What more can I say. A man I grew up watching from 21 Jump Street & Cry Baby where I first saw him to his latest amazing movies such as Pirates, Sweeny Todd, have not yet seen Public Enemies. Still have to say my fave is good ol Edward Scissorhands but then he has wowed me in every single thing I have seen him in. He is amazing, unbelieveable, just a fantastic actor and person (from the interviews I have seen). And he is hot what more could we want?

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