Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Photos for Today

Well today I dont really have much to say other than on the way into work this morning took a few photos and becuase it wasnt raining I went for a walk down to the pharmacy to pick something up and took more photos so here they all are - These are all taken with my lil Canon powershot SX200 IS:
The view I pass on the way to work every morning. Thats the Kings Arms you can see on the left

A pretty plant in the morning sun, yes sun I know Im amazed too

What I am hoping to go to in November. Shellz is trying to get us tickets

Green Lantern you are so cool! This is the poster for this years Armageddon (like Americas Comic Con) i cant afford to go see the Robot Chicken boys :( very sad about that, o well

Just a fabric shop, they always change the display in their window
This is a cute BNZ piggie on the dashboard inside someones van. I see it almost every morning but as much as Im Westpac loyal I cant help but admit those ads are sooo cute

My work building

Not all graffiti is horrible. I think this is pretty amazing. Especially his missing teeth. There are 2 walls that I think artists are allowed and encouraged to graffiti and so its forever getting new work on it. I decided to take photos of these for my mate Tess :O)

This is amazing

Cute dog :P

Cute Robot

Cartoon man

Sky Tower again as seen from Symonds Street overbridge (no not the one where only busses are allowed on)

Pretty Trees and vines from Symonds St Cemetry Krd side

My fave Headstone in the cemetry. Its always got such pretty lighting on it.

Pretty tree in spring time bloom

A neat old building. Excuse the sign, I couldnt get a good pic without it

The icecream place I got told about AAAAAAGGGGEES ago but havent been able to find
A Tavern I had no idea was on Benidict Street
Wonder whats happening here????

ATTRACTIVE MAN FOR THE DAY (why attractive becasue the guy is dead and was born before me lol):
He was pretty darn spunky for his time. No I dont find him that attractive, but he's not ugly and I idolise him (not obssessivly). He is King!!!! I love his music it always makes me happy. He and Dean Martin are my feel good music when I have been having an extra shity day. The gift my boyfriend gave me last year for my birthday was this huge framed poster of Elvis with this guitar. Its such a wicked picture and its up in our bedroom. It will be something I will have for the rest of my life its just soooo cool! I appreciate and value all forms of music but Elvis is an origainl love. I still remember going over to my cousin Shelley's place as an 8 year old and her putting on Blue Suade Shoes, the two of us dancing and singing to it at the top of our lungs such precious memories xoxoxoxox

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