Thursday, October 8, 2009

better late than never

So I got on here and am writing my update for the day. Soooo I have 15 pages so far written of my book. Its pretty exciting. I get stuck everynow and then but mostly it just pours out of me. I really have no idea where i am going with it but I was going to read through Laurel K Hamiltons blog as she has alot about writing and listening to your muse and so on. She is a famous writer. Does the Anita Blake series and has just finished writing her 33rd book! Yup I have a long way to go yet.

So Julia in her infinate wisdom came up with a pretty cool idea for when I have finished the book. I should have a night for all my girlie friends to come round and read my book. She even said she will put on voices and read it out for me haa haa. But great idea!!! So I think once its done (goddess only knows when) I will have my close girlie friends over for nibbles and a reading of my book. I wont force anyone to read the whole thing because it might be terrible. But it would be a great chance to catch up with all the girlies.

So Gareth booked his anniversary gift to me. We are going to do the Sky Walk where you walk around the sky tower on the outside - adrenalin junkie stuff yeah har bring on those jitterbugs in my belly! We have that to go to in about 3 satudays. Looking forward to it.

Mmmmm I can smell lasagne cooking in the kitchen for my dinner yummmmmy Im sooo hungry now. Anyways so photos for the day. Not creative as I almost forgot and well good ol hot guy for the day thing

So hopefully its too small to read (I dont want to many people to know yet) but this is a photo of the first page of the story Im writing. Yup I am doing it by hand. I just like writing that way and it means whenever I have an idea I can just write it straight away.

Yes I know Robert Pattinson, but you can't help but admit he looks good here. We all know excatly who he is 'Edward Cullen' and I will admit I find the other main character 'Jacob Black' - Taylor Launter hotter but you know how could I resist. I will admit that even though he seems to be a fnatastic actor I am a much bigger fan of his music. Yes I had no clue he played anything before I won the Twilight soundtrack. But who cares its pretty amazing stuff. I hope he continues to get the chance to keep that up as it must be hard to do anything but keep away from Cameras and be in filming mode right about now. I feel sorry for the 3 main actors for these Twilight movies. We are such vultures for knowing everything about them. And right now they are on EVERYTHING.

Anyways I wanted to add a couple more cute/neat pics that I enjoy

Yeahhh 4 Square guy with Tiki

Just a neat looking card. I love art with trees and birds

Dunno exactly but I would love to one day have a home that I can look out a window with that view. Ocean on the otherside. Hills at the rear but thats if I become a multi millionare I may be able to afford that dream

Just neat, no other words but I like it

Monkey - thats my nickname. And look he has a banana 'Day-O we say Day-O, daylight come and me wanna go home...... come mister tally man telly me banana...." Ahaa haa haa love that song Stef!

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