Friday, October 9, 2009

Persisting bad weather

Today is another day. I went home at lunch today to hang out washing exciting stuff really and above is a pic of the view from our lounge. Its been worse than I remember it in Winter. I kept telling everyone NZ only has 2 seasons Winter and Summer but no one believes me ever - but we do have trees that blossom and leaves that fall. Im like yeah for all of 2 weeks both times round then our winter is 8months of the year and we have 4 months of summer - if we are lucky - it usually rains in the summer as well.

Went to bed at 9.30 last night but till been rather zombiefied today. Been zoned out, walking into stuff and spilling drinks. I think I'll take the next two days off and hang out with my mates :P

Anyways here are some pictures as well as today hot looking man

Jason Statham - I know there are better photos of him but I love this movie its a new one if his Death Race. I just think its cool. Who could forget him as Bacon in Lock Stock or Turkish in Snatch? Such wicked movies like them way better than Crank???


Birds in Flight - how pretty

This is my Decanter, I brought it off a lady on Trademe, one day i will own a home and I will have this decanter next to an elegant large bowl with water in it, and a beautiful cream towel next to it. My dream home will be Shabby Chic style overlooking a beach, surrounded by trees and with mountians in the background sigggghhhhh well lets see if I can make that dream come true x

My name is inigo montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die! Haaa haaa I love Mandy Perkins as Inigo in Princess Bride. Princess Bride has to be my favourite childhood movie. Closely followed by Labyrinth
Anyways have a great weekend all x

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