Saturday, October 10, 2009

I saw a pink sky tonight

Yep that old saying pink sky tonight, sheppards delight, pink sky morning, sheppards warning! So with a lil luck and alota good vibes there will be a sunny sky tomorrow!

Last night Gareth was at his after work drinks till 9pm farewelling a work mate Kerry as she is going to another bank. He had a good night & I had a fantastic night having the place to myself for the first time in over 3 months. It was really nice I got to put on my music & loud, the tv was NOT on. I had quiet time no noise, I wrote in my book as I was able to concentrate & I had a nice glass of vodka & pepsi (no sprite in the house) it was a strong drink too & made me pretty happy. It was a lovely relaxing night.

Today has been a good day, got up to a bacon & hasbrown brekkie. Did some washing & then headed over to Jo's place for a catch up with my girlies Jo & Nikki. It was really great to catch up with them both as we havent done a proper get together in a while now. Got to see the photos from both their recent trips overseas. They were amazing. Jo and Ian went to London, Paris, Rome and New York. She had so many beautiful photos of old buildings and art from the different art galleries they went into. WOW the Mona Lisa! The sculpture work, the oldest door in the world (yes Jo I loved that too how cool is that? is it the oldest in the world). Wow just like the history. They both had such a good time.

Nikki and Paul went to Scotland and South Africa. In Scotland they saw the Militray Tattoo and even though there werent that many photos from it she described the atmosphere was just soo chilling. Just knowing that they have been doing these things for years and years and that she and paul went along to witness it is very cool. They had a ride on the Loch in a boat called the Nessie Hunter. It totally went along on the whole novilty of it and they had sonar and radars and so on onboard. The castles they went to were amazing. They then spent 4 weeks in South Africa as thats where Paul was born. Their highlight was Kruger Park where they managed to see enough wild life to set them for life. Lions, Cheetahs (well 1), Zebras, Water Bufflo, Girrafes, Elephants, Wart Hogs, Hyenas, Vultures, Rinos, Hippos - all out in the wild. Amazing. They also managed to go through the house where Paul grew up in, the people that lived there were kind enough to let them go on through and see what it looked like now which would of been cool for Paul to be able to show his wife the house he grew up in.

I showed my photo with Noah and becuase when I left I discovered that I had left my lights on, while I was waiting for Gareth to come round and jump start my car I was able to show Jo the video footage of the swim. She totally loved it. Will have to show Nikki soon as well.

It was a great afternoon of chatting and telling stories. So nice to be in lovely company like that.

We all said as per normal that we should catch up more as we had heapsa fun, we havent really in the past but I think that now we should really put in an effort to do so at least once a month. They are great friends and its so wondeful to chat with them both
The Cute Mr Potato Men on top of Jo's Fridge
Jeffery Dean Morgan (I've had him up already but yum yum yum)
Talk tomorrow

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