Sunday, October 11, 2009


Yes the sun was out today and it was beautiful and hot all day long. Here is what I got up to :O)
Keri & Gareth and the sunny view of the Viaduct from Mecca

Lisa & me & our double chins, plus the leaving the viaduct

This morning went to Mecca in the Viaduct for breakfast to celbrate our freind Keri's birthday. It was a lovely morning and was beautiful as the sun was shining. Just had bacon and eggs but was tasty.
Then went from there up to Brian and Richelles in Murawai for Bathurst. It was great to see everyone and watch the race. So much food my stomach is full to near bursting. It was fantastic becuase Holden won and we got to have our photo taken for the bathurst wall. YAY!

Richelle and Noah

The Holden Flag - go the Winners plus John (Gareths Dad) and Me

The Holden Corner The Holden Winner Side

Better Focus shot even though half had left by then
Sunday was a very fun day

Xavier Samuels - he will be in the latest Eclipse movie

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