Monday, October 12, 2009

That Big Shiny Bright Circle

That big shiny bright circle in the sky presented itself at various occasions throughout the day again today. However mostly it was stuck behind grey clouds and becuase of that we had a cold day today. I know people that got sun burnt yesterday. Man NZ weather changes its mind all the time on how it feels like being.

Today was just another day at work. Absolutely nothing riviting has happened today. Busses are on another day of Lock Out by their Unions so another day for Gareth to walk to work. My boss came back to work today from Australia all nice and brown and I totally want to go back. During the day we had intrruptions with connections to our networks and to internet so was eventful in the sense that we kept swearing at our computers everytime we were in the middle of working and the connection failed.
Have started writing up my book into a work doco now as over the weekend it happened to be in a spot where it got alcohol spilt ontop of it. Luckily the ink didnt run but it was heart attack enough to write it up in doco and have it in two places. And thats really all come home, doing this, will eat dinner and hopefully watch greys anatomy.

Sky Tower from St Benidict St
Global Fabrics with a new window display
See hiding behind a cloud but out to show off

Who doesnt know this boy as the one who tried to kill Bella after he realised how much of a rush it would be beucase of how Edward reacted when he smelt her on the wind?
Cam Gigandet (gig-arn-dae or as written on the link below:“Gig-Ann-Debt”) yes James from Twilight. I saw this farken funny video clip showing you how to pronouce his last name, you have to watch it kinda retarded kinda funny
Well thats it for now ladies and gents
Till tomorrow

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