Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Yeeehaaarr going to Black Eyed Peas tonight thank you Donna. Will have to get her something as this is the sweetest thing. Poor Donna from is ill and can't make it to the concert so Melissa was hunting round all her friends to go with others were either sick or just unable to make it so Melissa asked if I would like to go so she wouldnt have to go alone. Yes please!!! WOW what a wicked early birthday prezzie. I think some of the Irish Luck is finally wearing off on me. Will update tomorrow when I have pictures and so on.
Im naughty I dont have a photo from today as I will be taking them all tonight. But I do have a photo from the Herald yesterday from the Tattoo parlour on Te Atatu Peninsula where I had the stars on my foot done. They had a police car drive through the front of their shop. Luckily no one was injured. But unfortunately there was alot of damage in the store to equipment and computers. Its only a tiny pic as it was only for the news story. Poor Pierre and Steve man, only a year ago had they remodeled the place and had the floors done. Now all smashed and have to close down.

So my computer was brought into work today so that I can hopefully get the virus off the computer. Andrew is nicely looking into it for me. Its not the first time he has saved my pc either so I might buy something while Im out and about this weekend for him as well.

Right HOT GUY:

HUGH JACKMAN who doesnt know him as Wolvarine and numerous other roles. Much loved for being a HOT Holywood Auzzie Boy
And because its about that time HOT CHICK time:

Anna Paquin - yep love her becuase she is a Canadian Kiwi! First from The Piano, then made her way through various movies to don a tight outfit with an X alongside the above hot man as Rogue in X-Men. We now love this hottie as a blonde with a twangy accent playing Sookie Stackhouse in True Blood in love with Vampire Bill Compton. She is acutally set to marry her co star that plays Bill - Stephen Moyer and I think how cute

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