Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Its my birthday & I'll cry if I want to

So 28 today. Closer to 30. Also again the photos will be taken later tonight instead of today so you can have yesterdays photos.

Went to Black Eyed Peas last night at the Vector Arena in Auckland and had LMFAO as the supporting act. They were all fucking fantastic. LMFAO were wicked fun and BEP are great live, so much energy and effort put into it all. Great performers and didnt hold back with anything. I took 304 photos. Admitedly there were a bunch of blurry and dark ones but ended up with 270 after I sorted through it. My lil camera is a trooper. Had great seats right next to the stage. It was a great night.

This morning Gareth gave me a Big Day Out ticket for my birthday yay what a wicked gift!!!! Yay BDO here I come. Bummer Davie Bowie coming was only a rumour. Get into work and Julia gives me Diana Gabaldon's latest book An Echo In The Bone YAY Jamie and Claire adventures again. They are the ultimate couple! Little later in the morning Joanne, Paul, Junior and Peter (all from my team) come in with a cake and a card for me. Wish me happy birthday and sat around to chat. So sweet. We went got a coffee had some cake and talked about the BEP concert and other stuff.

Tonight my sis, mum and her man gary are all coming over to have nachoes for dinner with us. Bummer though cuz the gift Lany and Mum got me I wont be getting for a bit as the shipment of the thing hasnt arrived yet. Bummer but you get that. I get to leave early today as I have to go to FPA grrrrr. Yay to leaving early but really dont wanna go now. Anyways will upload photos now

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