Thursday, October 15, 2009

Purple Sky Tower

Sky Tower is purple tonight. Cool. Today I have one of the most boring updates in like ages (or they all are I dunno) ahhh covered reception for 2 hours, worked hard, got board, emailed me cuz Min and have decided that I dont have a huge update today. Kinda been haulted on the book as I havent been in the mood this week, been more keen to type it up in word doco. I think I might upload Art By Me. So below is artwork I have painted / created and thought I might show you. I just didnt make the Crow Figurine


Michael Rosenbaum - He plays Lex Luther in Smallville. He also played a hot chick in Sorority Boys. He has been in heapsa other stuff but thats all I've seen him in.

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