Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Today isnt fun

Here is a photo for the day of me and my special lady Julia. I convinced her to have a photo with me as she doesnt like photos of herself and only wanted to give me one she deemed satisfactory, which I'll admit its a great photo but I wanted one of us. Im am going to miss her immensly when she stops working here. Bummer thing is work hired her as a temp while one of the office ladies was away having a baby. But she has been here 6 months now and is absolutely fantastic. So much fun and great to be around. She's a very hard worker and gets things done around here that other people wouldnt care less about. We get along really well and I see her everyday for just hello chats. It was so funny this one time we we're both up on reception and this one guy was like mmm so mother? To Jules and Daughter to me? No obviously but the guy was like I always wanted a mother daughter combination. Then poor Jules had to put up with him when she was showing him to his work in the building, he was saying stuff like come back to my place and we can have fun. She was like Ah im married. Aside from that weirdness I now call her my "mum" & she calls me daughter. We share a love of movies and tv shows and hot guys haa haa. Anyways because shes technically only temping work decided not to keep her permanently and she will be leaving my work world in 24 days NOOOOOO! But I hope to keep in touch with her outside that. Thankfully she has a new job to go to which I am happy for her as it would of been stressful leaving somwhere and having no job to go to.

Well so work hasnt been fun today. So much of it with my team leader and coworker away so I am covering for 2 extra people ontop of myself. Plus the work I am doing for my team leader is hard. Simply because I am just not 100% confident with it. I have lots of help for it so thats good but I should know it by now. I mean I do know what Im doing Im just worried that I will miss something or I will not do something correctly. All that work has to be done on that day as well. So my normal BAU is suffering a bit and Im working late to try catch up and make sure stuff is done. Doesnt help when you get people walking in the room going "this is urgent I need you to send this out right now" and it takes 20mins. Tomorrow Joanne will be back and things wont be so stressful. Its only stressful today becuase its end of month billing and things need to get done today to pay for stuff. We can get penalised if these things dont happen too which is gutting. Anyways Im going to sign off now and get back to work

Here is the hot pic for the day

Taylor Kitsch - he plays Gambit in the latest Xmen Wolverine movie. HOT - He was absolutely perfect in the Role. Hopefully he is in more of the movies :O)

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