Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What's Wrong With Your Eyes?

<--- Me with make up on oooo scarey haa haa
So I hardly ever wear makeup and I wear it even less to work. I decided that I want to wear it more and dress nicer as I want to feel better about myself. A mate of mine showed/taught me that just becuase you might have a slight buldge round ya belly that you can still look good, exude great confidence, dress sexy but not slutty and just be overly glowing with beauty. So I thought fuck it I am going to be like that. It will be a little hard but I'll try. Anyways so back to the make up thing. Im wearing at work and the first work mate (I work mostly with guys being a computer company) says to me "you're wearing make up arent you?" I was like yeah and hid behind my monitors but he said I look pretty. Blush, blush, giggle, hide some more. Ok so far not a bad thing. So I go into the Warehouse to send out some things and one of the boys down there says to me "Ri what's wrong with your eyes?" - ahhh nothing, I just have make up on. Its the first time he has seen me with makeup on, anyways he leans in to have a look "ohhh pretty", more blushing and giggling - this is me being shy and embarrased by the way. Im not used to it. So I go upstairs to tell my Julia about it, she is someone who has also never seen me with make up on I realise and then she turns and says to me "you're looking darker what have you done?" - Im wearing make up. She loved it of course and said I look hot. I might just wear it tomorrow and then everyone will start getting used to it and it wont be so pretty or shocking after a while lol! I just looked at an older pic on this post of me without make up I cant tell the differnce apart from around the eyes o well its making these comments come out cool :0)

So I have this really cool function on my computers that a work guy put up for me and its where you get this programme to pick which folder you want it to look at in your "my pictures" and it rotates your desktop pictures for you, Im sure a lot of people have it by now but I think its wicked I get 2 different pics on each montior every 15mins. I have picked a bunch of fun pics, photos Ive taken plus HOT GUYS. Its fun, Im like ooo hello everytime a hot guy is on the screen. Haa haa im just like a lil school girl classic. Nothing wrong with a bit of eye candy we all totally love eye candy.

Oh so last night my mum and Gary came over and we caught up which was nice. But while they were here Gareth had the very lastest season episode of Family Guy. WOW talk about wicked episode. It was laugh out loud funny halirous stuff. Seth McFarlane you are awesome!!!!! We also saw the Cleaveland Show and the latest American Dad. COOOOOLLLLLL

OK So ran outta stuff to say hot guy time - apparently that went down well and its what I'll do when I have nothing to say :O) :

Sakis Rouvas - This is the hot guy from those emails you get "The Hottest Guy In The World" he is in pools and looks like he is somewhere in Greece, he is a mighty bit of yummy.

Gerard Butler, what can I say chiseled, rough, hot

Yes I think Talyor Launter is hotter than Robert Pattinson. This is evidence as to why. Rob is good but look at those lines that lead to somewhere mmmmmm

Jeffery Dean Morgan, most of you know him as Denny Duquette from Grays Anatomy. I enjoy him most in Watchmen as the Comedian. That suit is oh so tight.

Tom Welling, Smallvilles Superman that blue and red suit has never looked so fine.
HAA HAA Yes Im a lil crazy with the hot men today so sue me Im human, I hope you ladies enjoyed them

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