Monday, September 28, 2009

Nothing Interesting today - Just Randomness

Here is my photo by me for the day. Its a pic I have had stapeled to the wall in my office for a few years now and totally love the saying. Its very me too hee hee. Its such a true saying too

So I am now addicted to the new show The Vampire Diaries - dont let the name fool you for thats pretty much the only lame thing about it especially seeing as she writes "dear diary" but its pretty good otherwise. Hot men mmmmm Paul Weasley and Ian Somerhalder (for those who once watched Lost back in the first season he was Boone) here is pics of them to just show you how yummy (sorry guys) - Vampires are "THE IN THING" in holywood right now thanks to the Stephanie Meyer
Paul Weasley
Ian Somerhalder

The Vampire Diaries - love triangle

So now the question is which is better? Twilight's Bella and Edward? True Bloods Sookie and Bill? Or now Vampire Diaries Elena, Stefan and Damon?
Meh who cares they all have HOT guys in them. They all got their flaws and they all have stuff thats better than other shows. But either way I have been caught up in the vampire flurry Hook, Line and Sinker - and thats not even thinking about Moonlight and Being Human.

Anyways on another random note from my brain that I have discovered via my love of pictures (and no not just hot men I promise I love photography and arty stuff as well - I've always collected pictures)
Well dont you think that Cillian Murphy and Tom Welling look pretty darn identical? For those that dont know Cillian is from 28 days later or more currently recognised as Scarecrow from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Tom Welling plays our Clark Kent or Superman when he discovers all his powers back in his hometown Smallville in the show of the same name. Show has been going now for 9 seasons people and why not? Superman is well loved. So anyways below is my look alike pic discovered on google images

Left is Cillian Murphy right is Tom Welling. I mean the likeness is uncanny.

And just to prove to you all that its not only hot guys I have here are a few other pics I have found on the net

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