Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pix Through Auckland

Went and visited my lil sisters new work building today as they had an open day with the move into the new place. Its a nice building and they have on the roof this amazing garden that you can go down to and have your lunch, time out or a bbq. I want one. Oh plus I finally talked to my mum again. Seems like I only hear from that woman once a month but then she is amazingly happy with her new guy so thats pretty cool, but its nice to know she does remember her daughters exist every now and then. So here are the photos I took out and about today:
Cool cafe name - Lany going up to her work
The view of the Garden on the roof from Lanys 16th floor - on the roof garden
Lany O So Serious - Sky Tower - Me A Peace Dork
Sky Tower again - Atis Hairdressing Sign - This is outside the Lumley Centre
Dotty - The Roof Garden, view from the road
Peace sign that lead to a couple of dudes getting high, random sculpture, the door is the entrance to the Kenneth Myers Centre
Lumly Centre Water Feature - Heart on a window - this chandelier was at the entrance to some place that had pumping music coming from it and lotsa people laughing
Flowers on a shop window - Free Way - Going To Town High Street District, they had something cool going on with plastic thingies on trees, poles, in gardens and so on
See & material hanging from rope - Ferns on glass and looking up to the Vero Building
Add ons in the garden and on the statue and the water fall on High Street
Pretty swirls - Wrapping up the concrete - Pt Hearts High St
Cute Material Kiwis - Before Tamaki Drive went in years ago
The entrance way to a flower shop - Lil statue in the Blue Dudes shop window - Put some luvin in ur oven
Blue Dudes Shell - Peek-a-boo man
Sculpture - Entrance to Albert Park - The Womans Suffarage Centenary park
Cut Above Logo - YAY an NZ Buzzy Bee
The Womans Suffarage Centenary park waterfall - a model of the new Auckland Art Gallery
Sky Tower again - Auckland Town Hall - LOVE
3 Dogs - I took a photo of this yellow van as my childhood best friend Alexia's parents used to have a yellow van and we always used to travel around in it. We totally loved that thing.
The apartments where I live. We are on second level, this is a shot of the back of them.
So yeah thats what I got up to today :O)

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