Saturday, September 26, 2009

just a relaxing day

Slept in till 10.30 yeehar that was great! So just cleaned the house and tidied the bedroom. havent done much else today but its been just how I wanted it, a nothing day. Watched the latest season episode of Grey's Anatomy last night wow talk about tear jerker. Dont worry I wont spill any beans on it but I will say I cried and laughed. Such a great show. The photo for today that I took is not a creative photo, its just a pic of this miricale burn cream I own:

Its called Mebo Burn Repair. If you burn yourself on a pot off the stove our out of the oven, fireplace, hair iron whatever and you have a pretty stingy sore burn once you have ran your hand under cold water for the time it needs it then you put on this lil beauty. It takes 90% of the sting out of the burn, and it helps your burn not only heal much faster but it also ensures no scars. I am talking about it now as G burned the hand he stabbed with hot fudge that he was making and he was like wow this stuff rocks. I new it all along. Only problem is it stinks. It has Sesame Extract in it and that makes it a lil pongy. But god is it a good cream. It helps nasty lil burns soooo much. Apparently they use it in hospitals as well.
Apart fromt hat the only other thing that happened today is that G accidentally knocked my nose. Its the first time its been knocked since I had the surgery which was about a year and a half ago and my is it tender. I have been so careful of it as it took over a year to stop hurting in general since the surgery. It still gets tender from blowing my nose. It wasnt a hard knock at all in comparrison but enough to make it still be sore now almost 9 hours later. I wish the darn thing would stop hurting. Annoying thing is I am probably going to have to go in for more surgery on it as I still cant breathe. But thats another day and another worry. I'll live I just protect it like its a broken bone.
Well becuase I have nothing else to write about I am going to upload photos I have taken, a couple I like from the trip & a few I took before the wedding when I headed out to practise shutter speed and so on down at Mission Bay on a beautiful sunny day:
Mission Bay Fountian
Water mid movement - I was practising shutter speed. At one end of the scale you get nothing on the pic when you take a shot and as you move through the shutter speed settings increasing/decreasing aperture size you get more of a picture and you can eventually "freeze"movement in your shot. It was pretty fun
All the dots you see are water beads sooo cool
Just a lil yacht saling in the harbour
North Head in the background
Shame the weather isnt this pretty now
Rangitoto Island from Mission Bay
A walkway bridge at Mission Bay
Lazy summer look nice
Some beautiful sky colour over our apartments taken with my old 6mp point and shoot
Hard Rock Cafe sign on Gold Coast taken with my new 12mp point and shoot
Sunrise up on Snells Beach about a year ago taken with a lil 3mp point and shoot
Me and my beautiful lil sister Alannah taken just last night. I luff my lil Blister xoxox

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