Friday, September 25, 2009

Board Yet?

Well are ya board? Maybe not? Oh well prepare to read and hopefully be midly entertained. Anyways so i forgot to post this but when I came into work monday morning my coworker Joanne had printed out a really nice thing for me and it was sitting on my keyboard, I took a photo of it - it was really sweet of her :O) Above is a pic of it. Aww it has stars on it and everything

Sooo here are a couple of my photos for the day thingy. Turned out I couldnt be arsed taking good photos today so you get a view of the sky tower next to our apartments on the way into work this morning. Look at that horrible grey cloud. Where is summer I ask you?

You also get to see what my work desk looks like oooooo entertaining. Well it does have dual 20" wide screen monitors on it so thats pretty awesome if you ask me. Thats Joanne in the background, shes the one that did the pic for me.

My Julia sent me through a link of an artist who had done some amazing drawings of our beloved Disney Princesses but all twisted. He called them Twisted Princesses. The artist who has created them is a guy named Jeffery Thomas. He has a blog, a bit of deviantART & a few other things. I hope he doesnt mind but I am going to put them here. They are differnent versions of our beloved disney princesses but I think they are cool so I wanna share his work with you

His blog is one I am now following:
I just thought they were pretty amazing pieces of art so I have added them here:

So what do you think this guy is pretty good. Original, like the whole My Little Dead Pony thing that was pretty cool.

So what new has happend that Im interested in. Oh so Seth Green and the boys from Robot Chicken are coming to NZ for our armourgeddon thingy which is like the states Comic Con from what I can gather. I would so love to meet those guys but as it turns out I spent all my money in Australia so Im broke. But in other breaking news hee hee ahh I was on Geeks Of Doom and it turns out they might be making our beloved 80's Game Battleship into a movie?!?!? I am not quite sure what I think of that concept yet. It has got to be full of explosives and so on but what plot could they have behind it, I mean F2 - no nothing, oh wait f3 HIT!!! Nah it could be quite fun. Read about it here:

Apparntly upon chatting to Gareth I was informed that Hasbro has sold the rights to make all their boardgames into movies. What is the movie industry running out of ideas or something? I am intrigued though.
Sooo looking forward to the weekend, anyways will leave updates till tomorrow. Have a great weekend all

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