Sunday, October 18, 2009

Star Car has no more Star Power :(

Today I was supposed to do two things. Head up to my Nana Margarets and show her wedding photos from Gary & Stacey's wedding and then to head to Westgate, buy a new bra, get my nails french manicured, get a gift for Donna and Melissa and do my shopping for the week lunches, conditioner type thing. But Nana phoned this morning to say she was unwell and it was best I didnt come up as she didnt want me to catch what she had. This was ok as it meant I didnt have to rush round everywhere. So I got myself ready, jumped in the car and turned the key - car wouldnt start. Checked and lights were off so I didnt leave them on. Got Gareth downstairs to jumpstart me after putting water in the battery cells, then becuase I couldnt drive round for 20mins on no petrol I went to the gas station turned the car off (cant leave them running at a gas station) and the darn thing wouldnt start again. So I filled the car and asked if the gas station guys could give me a start "o we dont have that sorta thing here" is it just fucken me or are Gas Stations all wanker places now where you can only get fuel and a bite to eat? They wont help you put air in your tyres, they wont help you fucking put oil in your engine if you havent got a clue how to do it (luckily I do but I saw a lady once ask for the help that never came). Gone are the days where they used to be the stop over till you could get your car to a mechanic. What about those people that really just dont have a clue? You have to ring the closest person you know and hope that they are willing to come and help you becuase god forbid a gassie will come out from behind his counter and help you. Yes I personally think all Gas Stations are horrible now. They werent called "service stations" for nothing. Anyways thats my winge about them. Well so because the dumb gas station had no way to jump start my car I had to ring Gareth and get him to come jump start me. Got it going again and was on my way to Westgate with the intention of driving the longer distances there so I could give the battery juice. I drove a fair distance but as I was driving had my stereo and ipod plugged in and the thing cut out on me twice. So I decided to get off motorway and drive through Tat Peninsula for a bit. Anyways drove round and pulled over to take todays photos of the city from Tat Pen and the darn thing died again. Had to ring my other ma Doris (Debbie) and ask her to help by jump starting me. She got there with her bmw popped the lid and we couldnt find her battery haa haa. Anyways we were just a few houses away from her sisters place. So we popped in and got some help to jump start it again. Decided to abort shopping and just head back home. Got stressed everytime I stopped at lights as the car only did well with my foot down. Lucikly I got home, but I pulled into my car park and it died before I could park the thing properly haa haa. So pushed it into place and went inside. Becuase I hadnt had a chance to do my personal shop for the week I thought right I'll walk to the supermarket and back. Anyways left the house, was a mere 10metres down the road when the sky opened up and it freaking bucketed down on me. I was able to get shelter under some trees but faark talk about bad luck today. Gareth was a sweetie and was going to come pick me up. I totally would of went for it but he would of had to push my car out of the way to get his out. More mission than helpful. So I just walked along getting soaked, meh its only a bit of water I can handle it every now and then. In fact I would much rather be drenched and soaking to the bone then have to be in wind, gale force or not. I hate the wind. I enjoy a gentle breeze on a hot summer day but otherwise I cant stand it. This is kinda funny as Im Libra the Air sign. O well go figure. Anyways on my travels went past a supermarket trolley up turned so decided to return it to its righful owner. Man I got some funny looks but meh I felt happy reutrning it. Did my shop and walked back home in nice sunny weather. Have come home and vaccumed. Writing this before I clean the bathroom.

Ohhh my poor star car. It is Ka-Put. Think it needs a new alternator as its totally not charging the battery and the electrics are suffering or doing absolutely nothing. I hope those arent expensive. Well here are the photos from where my car died on the peninsula:

The View from the car parked on the road

Sky Tower from Te Atatu Peninsula zoomed in

The Auckland Harbour Bridge from Te Atatu Peninsula


Allan Hyde. Yes I will admit the only place I know of seeing him is playing Godric in True Blood. He was hardly in the tv series, his character died but he was pretty amazing and hot. Godric is Eric's maker. Above is Allan below is Alan as Godric

Eric trying his best to convince Godric to stay but he had made up his mind.
Oh a song Im totally loving today is Hate Me by Blue October. Pretty full on lyrics. But love them and the song. Oh couldnt help adding this pic I found. Now dont hate me I love Edward the vampire as much as the next chick but I couldnt help but laugh at this and share it with you all - Bill and Eric are kinda better anyways but thats my opinion:


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