Saturday, October 17, 2009

Horse N Trap

Tonight went to Horse N Trap with my maties to celebrate my 28th birthday. It was great to have everyone there. Had nice nibbles and chats. Got given a bottle of Deutz Champagne from Laura and Keir. Nice, I've never had it before so will try it soon. Very nice of them. I got given a Red Murano Glass Pandora bead from Nikki, Paul, Jo and Ian :O) Rearranged the bracelet so it was in the centre. It looks real pretty. Goes with the red bottle of Deutz I got hee hee. I also got a snazzy My Little Pony Card from the girls. Its sooo cute and glittery hee hee my girls know me well haa haa.
Took plenty of photos so will upload a couple as they are all on facebook. Got my drinks brought for me which was really nice. Ohh and Lany brought me the new Monteith's Apple Cider. Not a bad drink, if I were ever to drink any kind of beer it would be that. Def not the fave drink but reasonably nice. Although I feel bloated afterwards.

So I have had the Saftey Dance song in my head all day hee hee Juila put it in there on friday morning for me. Funny song. SSSSAAAAFFFFTTTTEEEEYYYY Dance (Turk does it well). Went into St Lukes with Lany and Pam today. Pam got some new sunnies from a sunnie shop that does Prada, Guess, Gucci and so on. I tried on a very nice pair of sunnies that suited me to a T, think they were Versace and I would of brought them had I been able to pull $500 out my arse on the spot. Bummer though as they had these wicked bows on the temples and just looked grand on me. O well I have better things to spend $500 on. And I wouldnt wanna accidently leave something that expensive on a bus or sit on them anyways. They just looked good.
Brought me some nice new black work pants as I really only have one pair that fit and they are old, decrrepit, and have a hole in them. Got a nice enough pair from Farmers for $40 so cant complain on pricing. Also brought myself a nice new top. See photos.
Good news is Jo tells me A Fine Frenzy has put out her latest album and she brought it in the states. Only thing is its completely different from her first cd so might take a bit to get used to. I'll borrow it from her next time I get a chance. She is such an amazing singer.
My lil sis Lany and my bestie Nikki

My Bestie Jo and Me
Jo and her Hubby Ian
G & Me x
Paul and Me
Keir, Me & Laura

Ian, Jo & Me
My Lil Sister Blister & Me
My Bestie Nikki & Me

Paul, G & Me
Favebook Shot! Paul & Gareth
Lany, Me, Nikki & Jo
My best friends: Laura, Lany, Me, Nikki & Jo
Eric Dane, I first saw him in Charmed as a character named Jason Deane. Then saw him in Xmen: The Last Stand as Multiple Man. Now we all watch him as Mr Mc Steamy in Grey's Anatomy or Mark Sloane.
And just cuz I havent done it in a lil bit here are some photos and pics that I like that I found on the net:


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