Monday, October 19, 2009

Poor wee star car

Well if its the alternator Im looking at roughly $300-500 odd plus maybe the part. Awww I want the star car to go forever. Yea sure it would be nice to get a new one but this car makes little kids smile and say "mum look a fairy must own that car" or some little kid drive past telling his sister its a clown car and a clown lives there. Another car doesnt make my friends look out the wiondow and say "Rianna's here!". Maybe I should do some sorta auction thingy on trademe and try get people help save my car. Except Im just not good with works, lets face it I am no scarey washing machine guy. And its not like they would be buying anything. However if I got extra I would totally give anything extra I got to Heart Kids foundation as my lil cuz Connor was the Heart Kid on last and this years posters. I dunno maybe I could get some funny people together to help me write something as fun and fantastic as Scary Washing Machine. Maybe.
Went up to our 5th level today and took some photos up there. So here they are:

Patrick Dempsey or better known as Derek Sheppard or Mc Dreamy from Grey's Anatomy
have a lovely day all :O)

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