Friday, October 23, 2009

Pictures Today

Julias last day today. She got some really nice flowers from Donna and the Fuj Team which was really nice. They were huge. Last night gareth sent me this link to a really cool song and I watched it today so here I will share the link with you to watch and laugh at: 

Also there is this pic, what do you think Arse or Armpit?? You have to click to enlarge it

Here is Julias flowers and a pic of her top - sorry bit blurry

Large lovely boquet

One of the roses

Its not my fault Im awesome!
Classic. Since I have posted this I have found this site to go to for all those addicted to Twilight and wanna see pics have a look here:
Hot Guy for today is:

There are better pics of the yummy Taylor Launter but Im lazy today and this is all I can be bothered hunting down and putting on my blog for today sorry. Tomorrow I will have a bit more of an exciting day as Gareth and I are going for a walk around the outside of the top of the Sky Tower. Cross ya fingers the weather is good x
Have a lovely long weekend all :O)

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