Thursday, October 22, 2009

Leaving do

So today was a day that my Julia had her leaving do. Her last day is tomorrow. At lunch Mehwish and I went down to Pascoes and got Jules a nice necklace and earrings. Sooo pretty pretty. We had Leon, Melissa, Nikki and Joanne all put in for them as well. After work we all gathered at Galbraiths for drinkies and chats. She had a good turn out for someone who has only been here 8months. But then she is a wicked person and did a wicked job while she was here. We all had fun chats, photos and farewells. Libby introduced me to Resling wine as I like sweet drinks. I rather enjoyed what I had. Apart from that not much else. Feels like a friday though. Almost up and running on my new network properly there is just so much to transfer and do.
Anyways Im tired so here are the photos:

amazing fairy in window

Jules and I

Alan & I

Julia, Me and Mehwish

Julia having her Jager Bomb

Jager in

Jager going down

Me, Alan and Julia

Julia, Carl and Mehwish

Again I give you the delicious Tom Welling mmmmmm hi

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