Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Im in love with the stars

Ok so most of my friends know I am completely addicted to the stars and tonight I thought I would show you why, but before I show you why I am so besotted I'll give you all a little overview from my day. So this morning was a nice start as it was sunny and out on the deck was this very cute little bird. I took a photo of it to show you. Zoomed in of course as worried it would fly away

Dont know what kind of bird but very cute.
So ok the story about my obsession. So growing up I have always gone outside and looked at the stars in the sky above us. I have marvelled at the tiny little dots sparkling at us. What little girl wouldnt be amazed by the shiny sparkly spots in the sky. They are like fairy lights in the sky. But Im also madly in love with them because some of my fondest memories are of my little sister and I climbing on top of the garage at our old place on Allington Road at night and laying on the roof just looking at the stars. Often we didnt talk and sometimes we would have our friend Emma up there with us. Just looking and watching and marvelling. Then you have the nebulas all those beautiful colours. You cant help but be amazed. So here are some photos of some of the nebulas that make my hart skip a beat - Remeber to click to enlarge them:

The Pleiades

Andromeda Galaxy

Eagle Nebula

Eagle Fairy

Hubble Eagle Nebula

ETA Carinae Nebula

ETA Carinae

Horsehead Nebula

No proper name for this one on the net other than Noao? which is prob wrong

Orion Nebula


The Heart and Soul

Stellar Nebula Cone

Can you see now why Im in love? Hope these pics made you smile :O)

“I will love the light for it shows me the way,
yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars.”

Og Mandino
"Without a wish, without a will,
I stood upon that silent hill 

And stared into the sky until
My eyes were blind with stars and still
I stared into the sky.”

Ralph Hodgson
Yes I have already uploaded him but Im not always gunna put a different hot guy up a day, but I will try put a different picture of the same person up some time apart. So yeah mr yummy today is Paul Weasly. If I upload a smiliar one well too bad it will be how I wanna do it and who cares its hot guy to perve at :P
Enjoy x


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