Sunday, October 25, 2009

Busy Days Out

Sorry guys didnt update blog yesterday it was a pretty full on day. Woke up round ten to get showered, fed and walk down to the sky tower for the walk. The day was an absolute stunner yesterday. Clear blue skies and warm as summer. Beautiful! So got to the sky tower went down to where you get ready for sky walk. Were there just waiting for a bit and Gareth's Dad John turns up. Was really nice to have him there to take photos of us getting ready and so on. So we get into the beautiful orange jump suits and gear up. We had metal detectors run over us and for those who wanted to wear sunnies they were held on with sunglasses chains (like laniards) and clipped to the back of the jump suits. Good thinking Sky City. We even had to do a breath test just to make sure we werent going to walk off the edge or something silly I think. Jumped in the lifts to head up the top. Got up there. Walked through the doors and outside into the little fenced in section where you get connected by two ropes to this rail above you for your walk. While there we took our time to look around at the view. We looked down through the grills to the ground below and get used to the height a bit. It wasnt too bad in there. Although we all bent and held onto our legs when we looked down - becuase our trusty legs would stop us from falling if the grate fell away - yeah right lol! Anyways the 6 of us with the Guide Brad all went through the gate and onto the grill about 1.2m wide and 192m off the ground. When we went through Brad was nice enough to let us all just look at the view and get totally used to being without fences and walls to help support us. Just connected by two ropes above us. It was really nice to be there in the sun although did get that butterfly feeling of fright in my stomach when looked down. Then we moved along a bit and came to the part where we were to crouch like we were sitting reverse up to the edge and then push ourselves out so that only the edges of our feet were still connected to the grill. I totally admit that got the better of me and I almost couldnt do it. Dunno why never really been afraid of heights but then Ive never ben 192metres in the air only connected to something with a couple of 2inch thick ropes. Think its a different feeling. Did that about 3 times. Also did the walk backwards looking up thing, kinda freaky cause worried wasnt going to walk in a straight line and slip off but totally didnt. The gust of wind whilst walking backwards looking up didnt help the nerves though lol! Mind you if you didnt feel scared up there it would almost be a waste of money as 90% of the point is to feel that adrenalin kick in. Walked round the entire thing spotted home and totally got used to being up there. And then before we knew it it was over. Had so much fun doing it though. Totally recommend it and yes I would do it again. Just something different.
After the walk we took a look at the view from the observertory deck and then back down and jumped in the back of a Tiki Tiki that took us down to the waterfront. The guy that took us had a cool english accent and was pretty fun swerving all over the road for us. Those things are totally just pedal power no electrics to help them get up hill. Luckily he only had to take us heavy buggers down hill. We then went to O'Hagans and had a drink and lunch. It was so nice relaxing in the sun. Walked back home up hill and I had an afternoon snooze before got up and ready to head up to a bbq to meet Taz and Ben. We took my car yes thats right started the little engine and it drove us all the way up to the Whangaparaoa Peninsula to their house. Had a lovely meal, great chats around a fire on the Brazier outside till one in the morning and then stayed the night. What a fantastic end to a fantastic day.

Where you walk round

Gareth getting metal detector swiped over him

The sexy orange suits

In the safe spot with fences around us

Everyone looking up at the observation deck where John was taking the photos

Outside the fenced part and getting instructions to do the next thing that made me nervous

To lean out over the edge and let go of our life support eek

Gareth showing off, both hands off, one leg off. He was freaking going "ohh shit" though

My turn to try it without gareth hmmm freaky

Both hands off for mere seconds

Smiling for the photo

Gareth looking right at John little could we see

Almost over

John, Me and G in the Tiki Tiki (tuk tuk) on the way down to the waterfront from the sky tower

Our cool Tiki Tiki driver that took us down and swerved all over the road for us

The fire in the Brazier at Ben and Taz's

G & I

Taz & Ben
These are two very nice people. They have a lovely home and it was nice to meet them. In the morning Taz went out to buy us all some pies for brekky and we sat out on the deck in the morning sun.
So today we have come back home - car started successfully on the first go. Then have headed out to No# 1 shoes where Gareth brought some work shoes, walking shoes and some WHEELEYS!!!! Yes the kids shoes that have the wheels in the bottom. Luckily there were pairs he could fit. They put the wheels in for him to have a go and he got the jist of it in the store and paid his hundy for the wheely shoes! Haa haa classic. We then went food shopping where he was rolling through the supermarket having a ball. Tonight we have Ian, Jo, Aaron and Melissa coming round to watch Angels & Demons and Knowing. Looking forward to a nice movie night and catching up. Will take photos tonight of everyone who has come. For now I think I am going to put these pics up on FB & have a snooze.

Vin Diesel

Yup lovely smile that guy. I personally first saw him in Chronicles of Riddick. And then he has now been in Fast and the Furious, and various other movies. Nuff to make you smile too
Have a great day all x

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