Monday, October 26, 2009

Meh sick me

So I have fallen ill again. I have got something extrememly similar to the last time I was sick only this is the strain from NZ. Last strain I had was from Australia. Lets just say Aus version was less painful. Anyways so I had to cancel on my poor cousin Shelley as she was having a birthday breakfast thingy. Gutted I missed it but this is not something I wanna share round. So instead today have been sleeping off and on and have watched both Angels & Demons and then Knowing. Knowing was the better of the two movies. Still nothing fantastic but Blu-Ray is good. I havent taken any photos today becuase not only is the weather crap I look crap. Last night we had Ian and Aaron pop round. Both their wives didnt make it as Jo is sick like me and poor Mel was a bit hung over. That was ok cruizy night.
Anyways thats really all I have to say here are some pics:
HOT GUY today is Clive Owen many movies. Have to admit one of my faves is Shoot Em Up.
And now just some pictures I like:

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