Thursday, October 29, 2009

Argh Cough Cough Cough

My giddy aunt I have been coughing soo much today it has given me a headache and made my throat, ears and stomach ache, I should of stayed home in bed this morning. It was pretty hard to get up and out but I was like eh its only a cough I can handle the jandel. Apparently I cant, I look grey feel horrible and need to sleep. I covered reception from 8.30am till 1pm today. Man the hours dragged. Only didnt enjoy it as I was cough cough cough cough cough bah I hate coughing. Plus I have a bronchial related cough. So it rips up my throat. And I sound like a fog horn as my mum used to say when I was little. Ok enough winge bagging.
Last night went and saw Surrogates at Berkley Cinemas. Pretty good movie. It reminded me of I Robot. Good movie to watch :o) Pretty out of it concept when you think about it as it is so something you can acutally see happening. 
So forgive me for being rather behind in things but I have only today discovered that Hayley Williams - lead singer of Paramore - actually wrote the song Decode from reading the Twilight books and then she went onto write I caught myself. I knew that the latest Death Cab For Cutie Song - Meet Me On The Equonix was written for the movie/book becuase its advertised everywhere but decode was a song I wasnt aware of. O well you get that now I know. Not long before New Moon comes out now. Still waiting for my Time Travellers Wife movie. Gunna go watch that one with Nikki and Laura when it comes out in Dec. Think when Jo gets through all her pretty new books she brought in america if she wants I will lend her the book and maybe by then we can organise a movie night and watch it one time. By then it might of been a while since us others had seen it and we can enjoy it all over again. Looking forward to seeing My Sisters Keeper as well but I think I am going to wait till it is out at the video stores before I see that one. They keep drumming into us that movie Avatar kinda getting sick of it already. Looks like a flashed up adult version of Ferngully. Although I do want to see it I am more looking forward to Avatrar: The Last Airbender. I know I am repeating myself but I was trying to make today's post a longer one than it has been the last few days. But unfortunatly that means a boring repetitive update hee hee. Why should I care though its how my mind works. If you love me well thank you and if you dont well fuck you! Love me or hate me - Lady Sov said it well :O) 
Oh hee hee I brought mini bags of mini pretzels. Its so cute. Pretzels by Shultz haa haa love it! They are a bit slidy shiny plasticy to eat but taste salty so meh
Anyways yes naughty me no photo taken by me today another I cant be bothered mood. Its the whole cough cough splutter mood going on. However I will make both the guys and gals swoon today with hot pics of celebs we can never get our hands on but love to drool over x

Brett Novak - yup that yummy again. I was looking through pics of him again and was like yummy can I have you?

The Amazingly Stunning Liv Tyler. She is sooo beautiful! Beautful Smile, Beautiful eyes, beautiful mummy, beautiful actress, beautiful at modelling just a beautiful soul! What more can I say? I have a woman crush on Liv she's just adorable - and if you are a kiwi and dont know what movies she has been in shame on you!

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