Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Back at Work Today

Went back to work today. Was kinda sad as it was the first day without Julia there but I was rather busy so it helped me take my mind off it all. Coughed a bit I swear air con makes it worse. Watching Private Practice season one as only ever saw a few episodes. Brought it in Oz. So thats my photo for the day.

Hee hee thats my photo for the day. Oh Im starting my lemon detox next week. Taking mum to see Julie and Julia next week for her birthday. Going to catch up with Shelley at Mission Bay wed night. Yeah so those are the exciting things. Havent got too much to report I think cuz Im sick and my brain not working. All good. I'll entertain you later. There are things that are pissing me off but I cant talk about them. Oh I got some rockin throat lozengers called Kurols made in NZ in New Lynn. They kinda taste grose but they work really well. Oh ok interesting stuff going to see Surrogates tonight unfortunately not till 9pm but its free and a movie looking forward to seeing.
Thats all I can be bothered writing for now. So I gunna give you the Eye Candy for today:

Johnathan Rhys Meyers. He's been in a few things. Enjoyed him in the movie August Rush. He also plays King Henry in The Tudors. Been in other stuff too but thats all I remember for the moment
Have a fun arvo

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