Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Goings On

So I have jsut finished reading the book The Host by Stephanie Meyer.
Pretty good book. I wouldnt mind that one being made into a movie. She really has something for Love Triangles though. Bella with Edward and Jacob. In The Host its a love triangle with only 2 bodies. Probably the first of its kind. Wanda, Mel & Jared. Then you throw Ian into the mix so then there is 3 bodies with 4 people in love. Hmm o well it had a happy ending and she does have a great imagination.

I have also had Marieke over from Germany. Well she has been staying with Doug but it has been sooo good to catch up with her. Thats a photo of me with Mareike in the middle & our other German pal Meike. She headed back to Germany last week as her visa ran out. Shes hoping to come live here permantely though and I hope it works out for her. She has a really lovely man here and they have been madly in love since day one. It was good to catch up with her as well as Marieke at Meike's rugby club College Riffles. But the following week I got a head cold or sinus infection. So alllll week I havent gone to the gym and I feel grose for not going. But I want to be 100% well before I go back again.

Last night I went out with Marieke and we caught up with her German friend Nicole and her mate Garrat. We went to Tabac which is like a cocktail bar that is owen by Neil and Susan Finn (susan??? cant remember exactly). It was alright. Pretty dead being that it is winter. But it was nice enough. I'd go back. I decided that we should leave and go somewhere for like a hot pudding or something. So I made everyone walk through the rain while we looked for a place that would serve a nice apple & rubarb pie or something. Of course no where did. So we ended up in Esquires cafe under Gareths work. I ordered a brownie and asked for it to be heated and the dofus came out with a blimin Cameral Slice all heated and runny. It was kinda grose but I ate it as he couldnt put a heated product back on the shelf to resell could he now. Plus the place charged extra just to put soy milk in your coffee. So I missed out on that but talk abou cheeky. Anyways after M & I came back up to my place and we watched Beerfest the German underground drinking movie. She found it funny. Especially seeing as she translated some of the german names and things they were saying for us and one of the guys was penis something or rather when translated lol! Anyways I am going to look at a Camera today over on the shore. I really wanna buy it but I have a dumb car to think about. I want it for the wedding and was thinking of just putting it on HP but Gareth was like think about the fact that your car probably isnt going to pass its warrant and that you have a trip to australia to save up for. But the camera is so I can have back up at the wedding and its good to have more than one camera. I also want it as my handbag camera so that I can take photos at all times. But to gareth its a want and not a need and I should be more sensible with my money. But I am grrrr I want it. So I may just wait till next week to buy it or I may just darn well buy it, well HP it anyways. I started watching the tv show United States of Tara with Toni Collette in it. Its a pretty good show. Also its finally sunday so true blood ep 4 season 2 is finally gunna air. It didnt air last week :( So I will get that tomorrow. Im going to start reading PS I Love You by Cecelia Ahern the one that was made into a movie with the sexy Gerard Bulter and Jeffery Dean Morgan mmmm plus the pretty Hillary Swank and funny Lisa Kudrow. Good movie made me cry. Anyways thats all for now talk later

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