Friday, July 10, 2009

Dance…even if you have nowhere to do it but in your own living room

Last night I danced, like really danced. Turned the music up real loud and jumped around, bounced, flailed my arms, moved my hips and sang along to the music that played even though I got some of the lyrics wrong. And it felt GREAT! I havent danced like that in my room to music in soooo long I had forgotten how much I missed it. Yes I am totally one of those people that love to dance and jiggle and wiggle around in my underwear. But tell me who doesnt? Its sooo rejuvinating and you can pretend that you this awesome dancer even if you trip over your dressing gown. Reminds me of the line in the Sunscreen song: Dance…even if you have nowhere to do it but in your own living room - you know what that Sunscreen song is FANTASTIC!!! I know everyone knows it but really it truly tells you how much life shouldnt be so hard love what you have and dont be afriad. I know sometimes easier said than done but its just so awe inspiring. It always makes me feel warm when I hear that song.
Oooo a coupla websites I totally love: - this is a site where you can place your home made crafts to buy and sell. Im sooo jealous of the things some people can do but there is some really pretty unique stuff there.
The other of course is my addiction: ahhhh photography I love it sooo much. Wish I was better but I will get there with practise.

Oooo another thing well Im on randoms the movie to the Time Travellers wife is coming out in August - well in the states hopefully the same here. And I am really looking forward to it. Eric Bana makes a great looking Henry but Rachael McAdams is a perfect Clare - she just looks like her sooo much. If you have never read the book you really should. Its a fantastic story - The Time Travellers Wife - By Audrey Niffenegger. Here is the poster for it

Harry Potter starts next week YAY!!!!!!
But I have to wait a WHOLE year for The Last Airbender. I am going to watch all the tv episodes for that again as I should be finished by the time it comes out being that I need to be in the mood and so on lol! For those that dont know it:
This is Aang
This is Zuko
Its a very cool show. Has comedy and everything. But from what I have seen of the teaser trailer already out for it IT LOOKS ROCKIN!!!! No other way to describe how cool it looks. M Night Shyamalan is directing it. They got the guy out of Slumdog Millionare to play Zuko - he suits the roll. We even have a kiwi in the movie (Yes we rock hard in Hollywood atm) good ol Cliff Curtis plays Firelord Ozai and for Twilight Fans Jackson Rathborne (aka Jasper) plays a main character called Sokka. There are no pics I can find of Cliff as Ozai (a baddie) atm but here is a pic of him and the guy hes playing:
here is what Jacksons character looks like: Sokka

Here is what Sokka's sister Katara (Aangs love interest little does she know) looks like:

So these are the things that are exiting to me at the moment. I will write more soon x
Ciao all

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