Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hi all!
Long time no chat - I havent been bothered really to jump on here and natter natter natter sorry. Well so how are things with me ok so that 16 week rockit to shock it thing I totally failed. It didnt help that in the middle of it all I had an operation where I wasnt allowed to exercise - I had to spice up things somehow so I had a few goodies. But the thing is it wasnt all bad. See becuase I am no longer having milk products I dont really eat much chocolate and icecream. I always crave sugar though which is a bummer but I dont know how to get around that I have always craved it. I try now to satisfy it with things like Rose Apples, Eclipse mints, & signature range apple and cinnamon ceral bars YUMMY!!!! I will admit though I brought a 1 litre tub of vanilla soy ice cream. It tastes like rice so my nickname for it is rice cream. At first I really didnt like it but I got used to it & after 2 weeks have finished it off. I'm not the kind of person to go out & eat junk food from dairy's all the time like pies, chips, rar de rar. In fact I never have been I went through a little phase a few years back but its too costly for a start and I got sick of it pretty quick. I dont really like fizzy drinks, if I do have fizzy drinks its in my Black Russian (the new kind kaluha, vodka & coke) or Chi which is really just fizzy flavoured water and I dont have either of those often at all. So Im not eating bad food, Im not having bad drinks much so in a way I kinda havent actually failed the rockit thing. Im exercising down at the gym 4 times a week. And for my rewards I have finally got to my first goal weight of 75kg!!!! WICKED! But only when I weigh myself in the morning lol! I think the thing I need to do most is lessen the amount of food I eat at meal times. My typical eating day consists of 2 pieces of burgen barley & sunflour toast (the best flavour), a soy coffee round 10ish, sometimes I will have these things called Vogels Scroggin Clusters which are cranberry & cashew, nut & fruit clusters soooo yummy. There is about 10 or 15 lil thiungs in a bag. Bout the size of the new 50c coins. So nothing huge there. Lunch is usually one sandwich marmite & chips, or peanut butter and jam, or ham and cheese plus my cinnamon & apple ceral bar, afternoon time is where I usually get into trouble I eat larger amounts of food. I pick on buja mix, I have about 10 or 20 pizza flavoured shapes, I'll nibble on a couple of handfuls of yoghurt covered rasins, I'll have a musli bar, some buja mix, & the yog rasins - it doesnt sound much but I feel like it is too much. I think its usually because in the arvo I get my sugar craving which I know is normal. But its annoying that I get like that. Anyways then dinner is usually what gareth cooks, beef goulash, beef provencale, chicken stuff - usually maggi cook in the pot recipies. He sometimes does chips & mixed veggies with them some meals dont need anything with them. But I think I am eating too much at dinner I'm eating Gareth sized meals and Im not Gareth. So have to start eating less there. After I will sometimes have nothing, sometimes I'll have a coupla shortbread bikkies, or lately scoopings of my soy vanilla icecream. Come morning though I usually have a full tummy feeling and can often find it hard to eat breakfast. But I usually do it all over again and eat the same. I guess I dont eat tooo much and I eat well and Im exercising at the gym. I have finally lost some weight but I feel like Im going no where. O well I'll give it a few more months and see what happens. I really want to be out taking photos today its such a pretty day but I have to be in at work. Maybe I'll go out at lunch and have a walk round the block. Might do me good to stretch my legs. I need to find an extra $6 so I can go to the gym this saturday and next saturday. I wanna start doing my 4 days plus 1 on sat. Oh yeah the gym have got me on weight loss exercising. I do 2 days of upper body and 2 days of lower body. I want saturdays to be the day that I do both upper and lower. I also need new togs so that I can go sit in the spa they have at my gym & try do some water walking classes. I think I would also really like to start some of the classes they have at the gym. Maybe on a saturday or sunday. They look like fun!
Well till I talk again have fun ciao x

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