Monday, July 13, 2009

Cameras and Memories

Well so on sunday i went out to have a look at that camera I really wanted to buy and the darn thing charges with AA Batteries. FAAAARRRRRKKK How annoying so that rules that out. Why would they still continue to make a camera that runs with batteries like that. Lithium Ion is the way to go. These cameras just eat through the batteries and LIon holds its charge so much better. The inital camera I looked at that I really wanted but decided against is only 5x optical zoom. Yet it has 14 mega pixel. Why would they do that as well? If your going to make a camera thats nearly a freaking grand to purchase why would you give it a mealesy 5x optical zoom. Thats the Canon Powershot G10 folks. Might be fantastic bar the darn 5x optical zoom. What is it with camera companies? I have been looking and looking and it seems that if you have a higher optical zoom you have lower mega pixels like terribly the other end of the scale and if you have higher mp's they tend to offer only 3x optical zoom. 3x Optical Zoom is shit sweet f all nothing. Its great for portrait shots, you know take it along to parties and snap ya mates. But if you wanna go on holiday and take photos of the secenery is not really gunna give you a good picture. Sure it will take a nice shot but you have to zoom in on the pc to make out the images. Yeah so Im fussy. This is why I feel in love with the Canon Powershot SX110 IS. 10MP 9x Optical Zoom it was exactly what I was after. The power shot G10 might be the way to go however even with its 5x optical zoom the zoom is wide angle adn thats pretty cool, but its $812 ugh man it just seems that I wont be getting the kinda of camera I want anytime soon. O well. I'll get there :) Its just because I am being so fussy about what I want.

So now thats out of the system last night I was thinking of all the cool memories I have of my family. It was really neat. Brought some tears to my eyes of course for those that arent here anymore but fun all the same. I had the great memory from years ago now of my Cousins Ruben, Bodene & i all round at this old guys house that we were allowed to stay in after my nana's blessing (wedding type thing) & well we were up late one night and we had this pillow fight that we recorded. It went on for ages and was sooo funny. We played the tape up and were in fits of laughter for ages afterwards as it was soo god damn funny to listen to. Well we taped over it then as we wanted to do more funy stuff and listen to it but nothing was as funny as the pillow fight. Man what I wouldnt give to listen to that tape again. It was sooo much fun. Then I have this wicked memory of my uncle Ron taking my sister and I out in his little row boat and we went up the river in this boat and he paddeled us under all these willow trees and he was singing row row row your boat. Lany and I must of been both under 10 years old but its just the coolest memory. It was just like that sceen in the little mermaid where they paddle under all the willow trees that were drapping in the water.
Write more later :)

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