Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cathie & Chris's Wedding

This is the wedding of my beautiful friends Cathie & Chris. I went to school with Cathie & we lost contact. Then years later I find out I am dating her cousin my Gareth so have been able to say hi again and be blessed enough to be at her wedding to her soul mate Chris. They are sooo cute together. Once again sorry photos not in order

Their candle that was never supposed to burn out but blew out in the wind when they were lighting it, thank goddess much to the preists blissful unawareness

Awww giving her lil bro a kiss

Walking down the isle after the vows

Jo (a good friend of mine) & Chris's sister Esther

See candle is lit here, but I think they had relit it

Lighting the candle

Preist lights candle first

You may kiss the bride awww

Aww how cute, this was while a freind gave a speech

Coming up the isle with her dad

Beautiful bridesmaid Jo

The really cute cake with mini Cathie & Chris on top

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