Saturday, May 30, 2009

Shanna & Nathan's Wedding Photos I've Taken

These are photos I've taken at my cousin Shannas wedding to Nathan, sorry again not in order

Mother of the Bride Diane and her beautiful daughter

The Boys, Mark, My Man Gareth & The Groom Nathan

My Mum Wendy and Dad Derek

Ok I didnt take this photo cuz Im in it but its a pic of all the cousins. L2R: Bex, Lisa, Ri, Lany, Shanna, Shelley, Jessie and Kimmy

Nathan and his two girls Monique & Claudia

Shanna and her closest friends

Feeding each other the cake

Cutting the cake that my Aunty Elaine made

Cutting the cake together

Claudia, James and My Sister Alannah

James (ring boy) & my sis Lany walking together.

Sneaking a kiss while they thought no one was looking

Bridesmaid Reb, Nathan, Shann& Groomsman ahh forget his name sorry

Reb under the baloon arch

I love you

Beautiful photo after signing the wedding certificates

Now you may kiss the bride

Saying their vows

Nathan putting the ring on Shanna's finger

I love this photo

Uncle Wayne (Shan's dad) giving away his baby girl on her wedding day
Walking to the alter

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