Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just a quick lil note

Well things have been fantastic as well as rather interesting for me last few days. As most will already know (because Im a gas bag), I was woken up yesterday morning by a phone call - totally dont mind but was in a very deep sleep. Any whos started crawling across the bed to get out and go answer phone, put my legs over the bed went to stand up only I found myself on the floor instead thinking what in the world went on here??? So tried to get up again only to find myself callopse onto the floor again & I was like what in the hell? So 3rd time tested my leg found it not to be strong enough to support my weight so ended up crawling to the phone, it all happened pretty quick but still odd. So I phoned up the 0800 nurse hotline which ended up being a waste of my time cuz after 20mins of talking to this lady (who was nice I might add) said well I'm a nurse I cannot diagnose get youself off to a doctors in the next 24hrs please. So I havent till all today I have had like sore muscles in the left leg. I get home and find out the knee, back of knee and side of my thigh is all swollen. So I am going to see a doctor tomorrow.
Anyways thats the interesting stuff, good news is....... I was asked to do my work friend Libby's wedding photography next year YAY. Ooo better check I have the date right. But sooo excited. Anyways other good stuff is I ordered the 7 set book series of the Sookie Stackhouse books that inspired True Blood. Ooooo wait more exciting news saw the first trailer for New Moon how exciting. Only 169 days!!!!! Yeehar - anyways its 11pm & I should really go to sleep so thats what Im gunna do. Till I upload more photos ciao till next time
Ri x

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