Sunday, May 24, 2009


So this weekend has been interesting so far with recovering from my op so far. Gareth and I went and did our normal food shop in at supermarket and I hadnt even walked that far - maybe a little fast - and then I started getting light ehaded. Gareth tells my I should of stayed at home but waws sweet as he said take it easy, rest, dont rush. So we went round supermarket nice & slow and I even sat down to rest on one of those shelf stools that you stand on to get to top shelf lol! I felt a bit silly. I wasnt expecting that to happen but then they did burn off some stuff on my insides. Sat night we rested & watched Kung Fu Panda. Pretty cool movie. Jack Black is pretty awesome, also watched Bedtime Stories which I enjoyed, had Russell Brand in it which I dont think they used to his full comedy potential but I think that guy rocks! Gareth ended up watching Dark Knight and I came to our room and put on Night At The Museum 1 - what a great movie. Had Dick Van Dyke in it. Wow that was a cool surprise. So I ended up watching and singing along to Chim chim cher-ree, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - learnt how to say it backwards, a spoon full of sugar, toot sweets and chitty chitty bang bang. It was a rocking afternoon :) Sunday G & I went out to St Lukes where I brought a fantasticly pink nail polish called Strawberry Electric. I have painted my nails Pink, black, pink, black - now I match my car and pyjamas lol! After G wondering round the mall & me sitting down for a while as he was moving too fast & I didnt wanna be light headed again. After that popped over to No# 1 Shoes where I got me some Converse All Star (yay cuz my last pair died ages ago & I havent been able to buy some since), & went into JB HiFi. Was totally planning on buying Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Mary Poppins. But could'nt find Chitty & Mary Poppins was $18 - stuff that for an old movie even from JB - I was hoping for $10 so will have to buy them when I can find them nice & cheap. I ended up getting season 2 of X-Files as it was still on special for $25 - yes 7 DVD's for $25 thats pretty freaking wicked. At end of month if I still have a bit of dosh I'll be getitng season 3. Then will only need 6 more seasons. Oh yeah I brought a lotto ticket. Not sure how rich I am yet as we have forgotten to check it. So gunna figure out if you can check online as the lotto store is too far for me to walk to when I'm on my own at work and not meant to be walking for a few days at all (naughty me I had a bit of cabin fever). I was a little gutted this weekend as we have just had two very stunning days - yes even though there is a chill - I would of loved to of headed over to the winter gardens to take some photos but it would of meant far to much walking when I'm supposed to be healing. I did far too much this weekend as it is. So no photos for me. Lets just hope we have a sunny day next weekend. Oh actually next weekend I'll be taking some portrait photos of Nick and Lisa! My cousin and his wife! OOooo fun I'm really looking forward to that. Was supposed to be this sat just gone but poor Lisa has a large assignment due, working well for me though as I was able to rest after op (kinda). Yay the more practise I get with people photos the better I will be come D Day Sept 12th for Garry & Stacey's wedding. Hopefully I will have some free time this week ahead to read up on Portrait photography tips to prepare myself for th weekend, but it will be chocka busy at work as Joanne is still away one more week. At least this weekend coming is a long one :) Anyways signing off now so I can watch a movie or something :) Ciao All x

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