Thursday, May 21, 2009

Whats been Up

Hey all sorry its been a while since I have last written on here, been so busy. My coworker Joanne is away on 2 weeks annual leave becuase her daughter is having a little baby. So I've been working longer hours and been coming home too tired to sit down and write for ages.
Then tuesday 19th Gareths sister Kate went into Labour at 9pm. We got a call at 1.30am to say her contractions were 5 minutes apart and that we would probably get a call in a few hours introducing us to a new wee baby. However we woke un-intrrupted again and went into work. Baby hadnt arrived still by 9am. Her midwaife got their round then and they were filling the pool with boiling water so Kate could have a water birth at home. Yes her baby was going to be born in a large paddling pool in the bar at their house. But by 3pm that day there was still no baby and Kate was really tired so the mid wife decided to move them to the hospital. She was dialated 8cm but still her waters had not broken. Once there we were told there would be 2hours till bub arrived. It was pretty much spot on but we heard for that time Kate was screaming down the house. But who can blame her she had no drugs at all not even panadol. She wasnt even stitched. Which is soo cool for her.
So at quarter to 6 on the 20th of May 2009 Kate gave birth to a little baby boy. Noah Levi Mitchell! He weighed 9 pound 14 ounces so no wonder there was so much screaming. Gareth & I went round to their house round 8 and they arrived home with Noah around 10pm. He is the cutest lil man ever. Huge feet and hands that are beautiful & soft. Lots of black hair (yay not a red head like his uncle Gareth lol). He's 100% healthy just has a little problem with his tongue, the line of skin under the tongue called a frendulum is too short so he cant feed properly and it could cause problems later on with talking if not cut. But apart from that all is well. Daddy Anton is smitten and Poppy John is so in Love with him it gives you warm fuzzies to watch.
Right so me for today I went and had my cone biopsy. Or LLETZ Treatment of Cervix. I had a funny smear a while back which I was informed I had HPV (human papillomavirus) - sounds scarey and grose but apparently its exceptionally common and you just get it from having sex pretty much. Becuase of this I had to go and get a colposcopy where they look inside and check for cancerous cells. This wasnt too bad little stingy but they found 2 leisions which have a 20% chance of developing into cancer. So I had to have them removed. So thats what I had today the laisons removed. I went in and once on the bed thingy and about to start they made me cough and six times I got jabbed with a local to numb me which stung. My heart started racing and in between each six I had to take a deep breath and calm my breathing before I would let him jab me again. Then we let it set in and he turned on this machine which make a scarey noise and burned off the leisons. I was'nt expecting to feel anything but fark it hurt. I jumped when he did it and was like "ouch" kinda loud my poor innards. I think I made it bleed somewhere it wasnt supposed to becuase I jumped and knocked him. I was like so sorry. Turned out to be fine in the end but I felt like a noob. Afterwards I laid there till I got colour back, then went to change into my clothes again and I was shaking so hard that I could'nt stand up. All the adrenalin. Anyways eventually all sorted and I went out to go see my gareth and sit on a lazy boy till I had stopped shaking and could go home. Gareth has been so sweet giving me heapsa hugs making sure I'm not hurting myself and asking if I'm ok all the time. My sweetie. Now I have bad like period pains. But meh all for the prevention of that kind of cancer for me. So fo rthe next 3 weeks I am unable to exercise properly. Which puts a hold on my rock'it to shock'it. I can start going for walks again monday next week. But till then no gym and take it easy.
On the other hand went round to Kate and Antons again tonight as it would of been Jos's birthday today so we celbrated by having a meal together and oooing and ahhhing over Noah again. He's so cute. I'll put photos up when Kate has told more people. Anyways will write more again later
Sorry to grose you out with this update

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