Monday, May 25, 2009

Meh for Monday

Meh for Monday yup totally, little gutting as Grey's Anatomy has finished airing for a season adn I dont get to watch it for AAAAAAGES!!!! Its really sad news both Izzie and George are gunna die - unless the writers decide otherwise sooooooo sorry for those who dont know this but I am sure I currently only have 2 people that read this blog and I know one of them doesnt watch Grey's. But its really sad I cried my eyes out at the end. My GOD Shondra Rhymes is amazing! And the music wow really unbelievable music on that show thanks - meh I can find her (his?) name but they did beautiful music on Grey's. I fell in love with the music on The OC. But never watched the OC just had a mate who had a soundtrack. There are sooo sooo many beautiful songs and well I am half Welsh & we have music running through our veins. Wait thats not accurate Dad was born in Yorkshire England GAAAAY well I'm of Welsh decent haa haa. And that still means I have music in my veins, probably explains why I'm tone deaf and cant play an instrument to save myself. You know what I am on reception while writing this blog. I cover on mondays, I have just realised I have been sitting here a full half hour and the phone hasnt even rung once?? Usually its rung a good 20 times by now and 18 of them are for Fujitsu Genreal as they sell heat pumps not us. O well cant complain means I get to write this uninterrupted. Well I didnt win the $16 Mil on Lotto :( SAD! But you gotta be in it to win it. I am being a good girl and am reading photography stuff. I wish I could read more at home but Gareth likes the TV on pretty much 24/7 and I just cant concentrate with the TV at the volume its at and try to read. I need complete silence. Which is soooo annoying as I'm not gunna get that unless Gareth is out or in a rare mood to read a book. Meh - yup theres another Meh. My other Meh is I freaking want a computer desk I just cannot afford to buy one. At the moment my computer at home is set up on a bedside table at the end of our bed; I have to put the keyboard on my lap and lean forward to use the mouse. Im constantly getting a sore wrist and leg from leaning on the corner of the bedside, it totally puts me off using my PC and if I had my way I would be writing on this blog thing daily. I have a desk I can bring in but then where in the world am I going to put the bedside table. I whinged at Gareth a lil while ago asking when he was going to make my frekaing computer desk but he was just like when I can be bothered. Grrrrr he has his own dumb computer table set up and doesnt care about getting me one - which I know is unfair to growl at becuase Im living in his home, I made him even get that bedside table for me in the first place and he has to build the darn thing but I am allowed to whinge and moan so I'm doing so. I have o say something positive about him now ummmmm hee hee no not that bad. He was just so sweet over the weekend making sure I was being careful and taking my time and resting and carrying things for me. So I shouldnt complain but thats what I am totally good at. Oooo I just got a phone call. Almost 40mins into the lunch break and I get a call. Hee hee. Anyways Im going to sign off for now as this isnt a comfy desk to write at either haa haa Yup my Meh for monday
Ciao all

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