Tuesday, May 12, 2009

16 Weeks of Rock'it 2 Shock'it

Rock'it 2 Shock'it was invented by my second cousin Matt. He's doing 8 weeks, but he's already tonned, healthy and fit. I'm not - soooo I'm doing 16 weeks. I'm doing for so long as well I need it and I have an operation on the 21st which means I cant go to the gym for 3 weeks

So far Im in week 1 day 2
Right so this "diet" is healthy food monday to saturday, anthing you want sunday for a break and 6 days of exercise. Turns out I'm slighlty lactose intollerant so I'm limiting my dairy food intake. Soy Milk - well unfortunately it doesnt quite cut it with coffee. But tastes nice with milo yay. I have nuts and healthy lunches and small amounts of carbs at night.

Monday 11th- I didnt start too well haa haa there was pretty much no exercise - well half an hour walk but 15 mins of that was just the walk to and from work. Food wise went fantastic. I did less that 6 thousand steps on my perdomitor - naughty me

Tuesday 12th - Fantastic day. Along with all the normal walking I went out for an hour walk after work. Living in town now and there is alot to look at and I cant wait to get out and take photos. Food went pretty darn good till I got home and G my man decided he wanted to make russian fudge. I havent had a piece but I did have scrappings off the inside of the pot haa haa but it was sooo tasty! So far there have been 11761 steps on my perdomitor. Will keep everyone up to date with how this goes

END DATE - 30-08-2009

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