Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Sooo finally I got out and took some creative photos. Pics I have been meaning to take for yonks but have been too lazy to get out and take them. So most of the day it has been raining but on the way home tonight the rain had stopped and I took a few photos. There is this lil shop called Sharondelier who makes Chandeliers and Jewellery but also fantastci art on maniquins. Somthing I have always wanted to do. They are really pretty so I took some photos of them - the one on the left is her largest one and so princess pretty. Also went up the back of Benediction a cafe on a little side street and found these really wicked wire sculptures, make from chicken wire. They are 3 clowns and I think are pretty darn cool! They are absolutely huge! The buildings they are next to are 3 story. So pretty fun. Hopefully I can find out how to upload a little folder with the rest of the photos for you to see :)

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