Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pulled From My Mind

Soo here I am having created a blog hoping that it will be a place where I can get out of my mind what needs extracting and tell all whats going on. It probably wont be very intersting to many people. The main reason I created this was becuase I want to have something for when I get overseas and travel.
Travelling - yeah thats the thing I am trying my best to aim for but you see every month I get crazy little bills (well not little) that set me back another month and mean anything I save goes on bills. Think I have a bad luck cloud following me at the moment. Last month it was fixing my cell ph, this month it will be the car I pranged, the month before that it was breaks for the car (yes I know much needed), and the list goes on. However I stay as postitive as I can and just keep plodding along hoping for the time when all this will end.
Good new is my uncle Garry & his wife Stacey have asked me to take their wedding photography so I'm flying to Brisbane in September to do their wedding photos. Eceptionally nervous as I'm not a professional photographer but I love photos like crazy and I take some good shots that have had great feed back. Now over the next few months I am going to hopefully train myself so that when the wedding comes I will be pretty good. They love my photos and have said they just want them done with love, but its their wedding day so I'm nervous as anything.
I am also on my way to loosing weight and getting fit. Yeah Yeah I know everyone always wants to loose weight but Im at the stage now where itss giving me a sore tummy, sore back, bad gas (I know girls shouldnt fart), and a few other things. So I am loosing weight to get healthy and I know it will help me feel better. Im not really overweight at all but I am heavier than I would be normally. 15kg heavier - which just gives me a big sticky outey puku. One Im embarrased about.
So now I am going to post my Rock'it 2 Shock'it notes with the 12 week weight loss thing im on

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