Monday, October 24, 2011

Whats been happening?

Sooo this blog update is going to be an interesting one. I have had all these things happen over the last few weeks that I have wanted to tell you all about. But becuase I dont yet have a smart phone, I have been doing good ol classic: write myself a text message of what I want to update in my blog, and then save to update here later, helps me remember everything too. It has however taken my sweet f'ing time to actually be arsed with another update :O) But with the gaps between updates there is more to tell you all about :O)

So here are all the random snippets from my cell phone for the blog - things that have happened plus my random thought patterns :
  • I'm still lovin the tubes. I have figured out that you need to go to each end of the train at the stops to guarantee a seat - normally. I am enjoying the fact that on longer travel to and from work it gives me the opportunity to read more - score I say.
  • I have found water that I love finally and its any water that comes from Scotland. Ahhh bless the Scots for such tasty delicious water :) One place sells the best stuff - M&S but I have found some of the Scotish water elsewhere. I have also noticed that when drinking the water from the tap - ie in coffees it drys you out??? Oh well new way to be with being over here I guess
  • As you should all know by now I finally have a bed and set of drawers in my room. I put the bed together mostly by myself but had help from the flatties as well. I ended up putting the drawers together myself & after a couple back to front mishaps, that caused me to pop to the neighbours next door for pliers, I put together my wobbly set of drawers. They are terribly flimsy. But for like £50 cant complain, and they do the trick. Back is much happier for the matress rather than airbed or couch.
  • I'm loving the jet vapour trails the planes make across the London Sky. It looks pretty stunning when you have a clear blue sky and all these white streaks across it. Doesnt really happen in NZ. Will put up a few pix of it for you. They are pretty common here it turns out. They are actually called Contrails and are water condensation (snippet from net here) caused by the relatively warm air coming from the jets of large aircraft, when they hit the cold air at certain altitudes, 30,000 feet generally, the water turns to ice and you see it in the air as the contrails.At high altitudes this water vapor emerges into a cold environment, and the local increase in water vapor can push the water content of the air past saturation point. The vapor then condenses into tiny water droplets and/or deposits into ice. These millions of tiny water droplets and/or ice crystals form the vapour trail or contrails.The energy drop (and therefore, time and distance) the vapor needs to condense accounts for the contrail forming some way behind the aircraft's engines.The majority of the cloud content comes from water trapped in the surrounding air.[citation needed] At high altitudes, supercooled water vapor requires a trigger to encourage deposition or condensation. The exhaust particles in the aircraft's exhaust act as this trigger, causing the trapped vapor to rapidly turn to ice crystals. Exhaust vapour trails or contrails usually occur at above 8000 metres (26,000 feet). where the temperature is below -40°C (-40°F). Also becuase London is the flight path for between Europe and the US, those departing from say Stipol, Amsterdam will be high enough to create contrails by the time they pass over London. While aircraft departing Heathrow will have insufficient altitude to produce the effect. The reason its not seen in the likes of NZ and Australia as commonly is generally the air is colder at those altitudes than in AU/NZ. The results are really pretty :D When I was getting up for my runs in the morning it was sooo stunning to see the jet trails across the dark grey/blue sky with a little hint of the sun coming up and some stars all dotted around. Ahhh bliss.
  • I have found (apart from the last two weeks with the World Finals going on), that when I spot someone with a slice of home on them walking the streets of London its a Wicked awesome feeling. Proud! I generally want to rush up to them & go 'Hi Kiwi Family!' - But only my close friends know how crazy I am, I think it would freak others out. Seen someone reading a Paul Henry Autobiography, seen NZ outlines on shirts, NZ tattoos, its pretty cool. Benig at the last 2 rugby world cup games has given enormous NZ pride feelings. I dont doubt it has been the same in NZ. But I can already tell the pride is just different because your not at home. Its pride mixed with a bit of home sickness I guess. But so happy for NZ & the AB's
  • Turns out I have decided Im a teeny tinsey tiny bit jealous of smokers. But only for one reason, when its a long hard day at work, they get the opportunity to slip outside for 5-10mins and have a smoko break. Some are only twice a day outside lunch. Some take like 4 times a day to pop out as well as in their lunch break. And thats what Im jealous of, just those moments to step away, zone out, refresh yourself (or in their case kill themselves quicker - sorry smoker friends I know your used to it though), and come back to face more time in front of the computer. I still would never start smoking.
  • Oh haa random cute for about 2 weeks every morning when I got up to have my shower, I would find that one particular daddy long legs (out of the 2 in the room), would walk across the ceiling from one side of the bathroom to directly above the shower, hang out in the mist for a while, then walk back to his pozie on the other side of the bathroom. I will admit the first morning it happened I wasnt in the mood & splashed a bit of water at him to make him f off. But he just shook it off and continued on his merry way to hang out for a little bit above the shower as it was going then buzz off. I have no idea where he is now, kinda miss him. Ended up being so cute.
  • So at the new place Im currently working, its a bit of a mission to get to. Walk, bus, train, train, bus, bus. Sooo one of the workers who lives my way in the first week was offering rides home occasionally (no nothing like that just a old codger being kind cheeky people). One evening we ended up going through the Rotherhithe Tunnel. It wasx opened in 1808, and was constructed by prisoners. It is  4,860 feet (1,481 m) long and was made wide enough for horse and cart. It goes below the Thames River and its currently going through 'renovations' - pulling away all the smooth tiles fromt the inside, I guess to strenghten them. They close it at night. But I coulnt get over how long it was and how much it looked like a reasonably modern tunnel. Pretty cool useless piece of info for ya. London - the more you know :)
  • A few weeks back there was a community meeting to save our local library, saw it as I walked past one of the local churches thats used for various things. But it made me think what would life be like if all the libraries dissapeared. I mean they are hardly used these days I guess with the variety of other ways to get books much easier. You have stores which have them at affordable prices, second hand shops selling them and then all physical books worst nightmare I guess - the E-Book. It must be rather hard to get the numbers back into libraries these days. Kids these days arent really interested in reading like they used to be, gaming has seen to that. I guess alot of the older generation would still use them for something to do in their quiet moments and then parents who take their youngins in for something to do. But could you imagine if they all went? It would be odd. I mean I have been into this library and a few others over the years but I just dont get books from them anymore. I prefer to own books (yes even though I own a kobo, I love books), I also dont like the amount of time provided to read your book - Im a slow reader. But would be something. I wnoder how much they would be missed?
  • Awww saw my first ever missing persons poster in London a few weeks back as well. Was on our bus stop and the lady was 75yrs old with dementia. Poor wee soul, apparently they lost her in a supermarket. Sure hope she was found. The poster was up for a good week or so, its gone now, but it would of been so scarey for her family, and the lady as well to have dementia and not be able to find something familiar.
  • Flash back, saw a girl on the tube on way to work the other day and she was wearing a New Kids on the Block T-Shirt! Haa awesome! Used to love those guys when I was like 6-10. Funny thing was, when in Vietnam staying at one place overnight just to head between cities, turned on the telly and my room mate and I decided some good ol classic music channel was best and ended up having 2 NKOTB songs play after each other. Haa fun! Nostelga wave
  • The sister blister is finally in London with me too. Pretty cool having family here :O)
Anyways thats all for now, highly entertaining stuff right there aint it people?
Will put up some photos on the next post

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