Sunday, September 25, 2011


Soooo what to tell you all and be entertaining heh heh. Those that love me (Jo) will find whatever I write entertaining so meh. Always helps though. Sooo yeah whats been the happs? Ok so I have been 4 weeks now in my temp role with Murphy Group. Its been cool as I have learnt shit loads of new skills with Excel. I have learnt mail merges with word and a few other tidbits here and there. I know nothing facsinating but I am loving learning things. I always have. But yeah so I work in the HR area with 7 others and an 8th up in a back room who isnt part of the team. Oh plus we have a 9th who just uses an office where we are. But they are all pretty good people to work with. I've been hired to help out Kellie but I help out ger, Deb, Julie and Matt on a regular basis. Its ok as its keeping me busy. Helps the day pass. I have been out to lunch with Kellie and a couple of the girls from the office in general a few times now. Mainly just Kellie, Meghan and I but still its nice to do a lunch with them. Both Kellie and Meghan are lovely people. I know I have said it before but its a long day 7am till 7pm. It wasnt bothering me for quite some time but recently it has started becoming a drag to take so long to get home after work. The morning isnt bad. 
Positives of this is I am reading so much more than I wanted to and if anyone has lists (especially new years resolution lists) on of the things that was always common on mine was to read more. And although I always read more than I normally would I am finding that now I read every single day where as I didnt really before. I was reading The Passage by Justin Cronin in Asia and then picked it up again. God in going onto Wiki to tell you what its all about I just discovered its the first in a 3 part series?!?!? Man Im already frustrated and its only book one. Where is the little girl character gone???? Grrr. Ok sooo about the book: Its about Vampires - before you groan its nothing like Twilight or Vampire Diaries. This was aimed at Sci Fi fans not teeny boppers. These vampires were man made or created by like a weird like virus thing found in some remote jungle. The wanted to create stronger, longer living, faster healing, over all better humans. But of course it all went wrong and then the 'Virals' (as they are called NOT vampires - although some make cheek at calling them that) distroy the world. One character dies and all of a sudden its like 90 odd years in the future and people surviving with lights on at night and watchers to make sure they kill all the virals. Yeah I mean its good but I lost interest as all the characters that were at the beginning of the book are no longer there. You are told on the back of the book that there is this one girl who is to save the world, but shes not mentioned at all in the last few bits I was reading. So becuase I liked her and it got all boring I stopped reading. 
I popped into a WH Smith (book store kinda like Whitcoulls) to get a gift for my mum & saw book 3 of a series I was reading a while back was finally out. Sooo I purchased it - oh yes I was reading The Passage on my Kobo from work :O). Anyways so devoured that story, young adult yes but they were great stories. I then tried back on The Passage after finishing Forever becuase I should buuut I just couldnt get into it. Since I had put a whole bunch of new books onto the Kobo I decided to read something else. Out comes book two in another series I was reading. First was Hush Hush, this is Cresendo. However true to the issues I had with the darn Kobo I got like 5 pages in and the rest of the freaking book was just blank pages. ARRRGGGHHHH! So I tried hunting a book down I put on my Kobo that didnt have small font and had all its pages. This is how I came to reading The Hunger Games. I liken the story to Stephen Kings (or as he published under Richard Bachman) Running Man - also the movie with Arnie in it. And also kinda like Jason Stathams movie Death Race - which is freaking awesome I might add. Anwyays for those that dont know, there is a character that is forced into like this game thing where you have to go around killing the other contestants for the entertainment of the viewers. And there can only be one winner type thing. You are closed off from everything else and its a race for your life really. So Hunger Games is very much like this. Annnyyways Im rather enjoying it. I knew already that they are making a movie of the books. However I have to wait a whole freaking year for the first movie to come out :( O well. Worth the wait. Sooo yeah I've been reading it turns out lol!

I've also purchased myself a bed! Yeah baby! It wont turn up till next saturday 1st Roctober but Im still excited. Here is what it looks like:
Depending on how it fits along with the drawers Im getting I may just get that bedside table as well :O) There is also this set of drawers I have purchased, and the wardrobe is the next thing I will be purchasing but it will be in about 2 weeks as gotta save for it yet:
Nice aye? I like. Cant wait till its not just a picture from the internet and actually in my room. But that set of drawers turns up on the 1st with my bed. 
So Im back to the couch for the last week of my life without my new bed becusae the airbed that I had been on before it went back to its owner came back friday evening but unfortunately with a slow leak in it. Oh well Im making the couch resaonably comfortable. 
Ahhh sooo yeah what has really happened since i have been up here thats midly interesting? Nothing really. I have caught up with an old friend Fiona who used to work on reception at Infinity (Fujitsu) back in 2006. That was thurs night so that was pretty cool too. 
Fri and Sat not much. Sunday I have gone out with my mate Alex to Covent Garden and had a look around there. 

Skyped my Shelley this morning. Internet out in Kemeu is pretty bad though so it was really hard to see them and they kept freezing. But it was good to see her and the family. Dylan with his long hair and Nikita looking taller than ever. Mark pulling funny faces at me & hearing Shelley's voice and talking to her was awesome. Made me miss them sooo much. But they didnt seem so far away after that :O)
Anyways brain doesnt work and this update hasnt been all that interesting soooo will sign off with a couple pix:

 Stunning flowers in Asia
 The White Temple Entrance
 The Eye and Embankment Bridge
 Carnival Ride
 Frangipanis in Asia
Paper Planes in the sky
Till next time x

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