Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Went and saw the movie Burlesque last night with my friends. I caved because I love Burlesque (you may of seen pics or heard me blab about it or pin up stuff in earlier blogs I heart Dita Von Tesse). And world Im a sucker for Cher. God knows why I dont pine over everysingle thing she does, I only know one of her albums which I can admit if it played today I would probably know the songs word for word still. And I have only ever watched her in Mermaids the movie which my mum got me for my last birthday. But I think its becuase I had the tape and I played it over and over again as a kid & had another tape with the Shoop Shoop song which was even better from seeing the movie. So Im a Cher fan even with her odd lips, big sticky outy cheekbones and OMG Powerful awesome voice.
Hee hee that was my tapes album cover, I think I still have the tape in storage

Anyways the movie Burlesque . So as you are all aware we have Cher and Christina Aguleria are our main wonder girls in the show its plastered all over the posters.

 I love Christinas voice, unsure about her acting as I have never seen anything of hers before.Anyways went in with an open mind. Saw the line up cast members and was pleasantly surprised. Kirsten Bell, Eric Dane, Alan Cumming, Cam Gigandet, Stanley Tucci & Peter Gallagher. So there were a great number of awesome costumes and the dances were amazing, wonderfull choreographed and just make ya wanna be a Burlesque dancer. Its so tasteful. It was a cheesy movie really it was practically the Coyote Ugly story line, small town girl with big dreams, leaves for big town and gets a job at dingy dirty bar that does performances, they soon realsie she is incrediable and after a grrr moment give her a break, the love interst is a problem but it all works out wonderfully in the end. Christina's character is pretty cute as in very kind, and ever so nice. But you can forget about it as it helps the story flow and be a nice one. I wanna tell you more but Im worried I will ruin it for those who havent seen it. So I will just tell you the dancing and singing is amazing and the story itself is acutally pretty good. I will just bombard you with photos from the movie I found online instead:

Well Keep Safe My Friends
Till I can be bothered next time

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